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From July 8 to 11, 2016, Corsica wardrobe made a wonderful debut at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2016, Kejia cabinets and wardrobes made a wonderful debut at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo. In an interview with Huiya information home hotline reporter, Shi bin, the director of operation of Cora, said that in order to assist terminal partners, Cora spent a lot of money to establish an independent product database, provide cutting-edge services to partners in the industry, and help them improve their marketing competitiveness in the terminal

interview guest: Shi bin, chief operating officer of Kejia wardrobe

home hotline: maintaining competitive advantage in the industry requires new product research and development. What new products did your company bring in this exhibition

Mr. Shi: the new products brought by this exhibition are mainly solid wood products. As an old OEM enterprise, after years of continuous improvement, we have formed three product systems: one is solid wood whole house customization, one is panel whole house customization, and the other is the whole series of single products of cabinets. This exhibition mainly presents some new products in solid wood cabinets and wardrobes. Our new solid wood products are mainly developed in the direction of rigid demand and young fashion. In other words, our positioning for new products is rigid demand and light luxury. Through the analysis of existing data, we find that our group of consumers are becoming younger and fashionable. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we launched fashionable and light luxury solid wood products that are in line with the favorite of young consumer groups at the fastest speed. Of course, the cost performance is also very good. Through the improvement of the process and the whole process, the cost can be reduced by about 20% compared with traditional products

home hotline: Nowadays, VR technology is becoming popular. Does your company plan to use VR technology

Mr. Shi: in terms of VR technology, as a OEM enterprise, we are not directly facing consumers. To be honest, we are still in the stage of understanding and exploring the use of VR technology. What we need to know is that most of the customer groups of OEM enterprises lack a perfect service system. In order to assist our terminal partners, Corsica has spent a lot of money to establish an independent product database through cooperation with businesses in the industry. We work with third parties to develop and provide cutting-edge services to our partners, and strive to give our cooperative customers a free ride on VR technology, so as to enhance marketing competitiveness at the terminal

home hotline: what do you think of the future of VR technology

Mr. Shi: VR technology can present a very three-dimensional and intuitive scene in the customized space. Customized home is an industry that collects money first and then produces products and services. For consumers, it is a post purchase consumption, and they can experience products only after giving money first. VR will get a very rapid development in this area, because it can let consumers know in advance the real effect of products placed in a specific space. This requires enterprises to develop VR technology reasonably according to their product positioning

home hotline: how does your company view the new Chinese fashion trend? If you agree, will there be more actions in this area

Mr. Shi: for so many years, Corsica has been doing OEM. Whether it's the same generation or the older generation, many of its peers who have been in the customization industry are making brands. Their new product development speed largely determines the development speed of their enterprise. For the current direction of new product development, Corsica has developed new Chinese products last year and presented them at the wardrobe exhibition in March this year. We now have two Chinese product styles in the exhibition hall: new Chinese style and traditional Chinese style. At present, the effect of listing for more than half a year is very good. Many dealers and consumers expressed surprise and praise for such a new Chinese product made by a contract manufacturer in Corsica. That is to say, we have been successful in this area so far. In the second half of the year, we will further optimize and improve our existing products

home hotline: after the exhibition, the participating enterprises begin to enter the peak period of opening stores, and will also enter the peak sales season at the end of the year. How does Corsica balance these two aspects

Mr. Shi: we in Corsica do OEM, and we don't engage in investment promotion, so we won't have the pressure brought by franchisees' centralized opening of stores. In view of our current situation, we have made some optimization and restrictions on the development of new customers. Although we have zero threshold, considering that we need to deeply communicate and deal with some technical problems in the process of cooperation with many stores, in order to ensure smooth cooperation and timely delivery, we have made some adjustments: one is our products. Since last year, we have comprehensively improved all products, including eight series and three product modules, and the modular and standardized production process has been basically finalized. At present, our solid wood products are rare solid wood production lines produced by assembly lines in the industry. We were able to ensure normal delivery at the end of last year and the year before last. With the development of speed this year, the growth rate in the first half of this year reached 30-35%. We have made partial adjustments in production capacity, and will also make an overall control, so that our partners can deliver as scheduled in the later period





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