Simple Europe mixed 104 square meters sweet weddin

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This case is the room of a newly married couple, making each functional room a beautiful scenery. Let's have a look at the beautiful picture of the new house! Decoration room type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration area: 104

decoration style: simple European mix and match

decoration cost: 50000

more decoration effect pictures:

decoration bidding registration:

the sofa background in the living room is left blank, which visually increases the sense of home space. The wallpaper in the arched wall of the TV background is a beautiful scenic spot that attracts eyeballs, and the spotlight configured by the designer is more bright. And the idea of a Roman pillar is just right

the restaurant is simple, gorgeous and elegant

the whole kitchen cabinet is the highlight, making the kitchen clean and tidy

the overall style of bathroom collocation is consistent and coordinated

the bed in the bedroom is equipped with retro brackets, which makes the small space full of charm

the bookcase in the study can be used as a bookshelf and can store some small items




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