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Everyone knows that there is a kind of love called letting go, but do you know a kind of wood called teak? Teak is not small, with the title of the king of ten thousand trees. What sun exposure, seawater erosion, ant bites, etc

everyone knows that there is a kind of love called letting go, but do you know a kind of wood called teak? Teak is not small, with “ King of all trees ” The title of. What sun exposure, seawater erosion, ant bites, etc., are pediatrics in teak's eyes. Many people like solid wood flooring, and teak flooring is particularly popular, but the price is not cheap. This expensive thing needs to be well understood. Teak (teak), Verbenaceae, is a world-renowned precious wood, of which Thailand and Myanmar are the best. Because Thailand has banned logging, teak imported from Myanmar is the top grade. Teak has been growing for at least 50-60 years, and its growth period is slow. Its density and hardness are high, and it is not easy to wear; Teak is rich in iron and oil, which make it not easy to deform, insect proof, ant proof, acid-base proof, especially moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and with a natural mellow fragrance. Beautiful ink lines and colorful oil shadows constitute the unique natural texture of teak; More miraculously, its polished surface color can be oxidized into golden yellow through photosynthesis, and the color will become more beautiful with time

advantages of teak

1. It naturally contains heavy oil, which can prevent moisture, insects and ants. Teak has been cut down for a month, which plays a role in preventing moths due to the improvement of nutrition. It is also particularly resistant to decay. Teak has an example of being non rotten for thousands of years

2. Classic color, golden brown to dark brown, soft ink lines, colorful oil shadow, forming a variety of texture structures, atmospheric and elegant

3. The micro pinhole stable structure makes the teak solid wood floor both strong and tough, with good stability. The normal hard miscellaneous wood floor will expand greatly in winter within two years after installation, with a gap of 3 to 4 mm; And in summer, it shrinks and drums, which is easy to make noise. Teak solid wood floor has good stability

4. The color becomes more and more beautiful with the passage of time

5. The unique mellow aroma of teak can prevent insects and ants, acid and alkali, and rot. The unique fragrance has a soothing effect on the brain nerves of middle-aged and elderly people and promotes sleep

true and false teak discrimination

1, weight

the fiber density range of real teak floor is 0.67 to 0.73/cm3, which is lighter than rosewood, but heavier than hemlock, with a sense of moderation; And fake teak floors are generally a little biased

2. Texture

real teak floor is shiny and oily; Fake teak floor is dry and lusterless

3. Texture

the teak floor has obvious ink lines and oil spots; The fake teak floor has no ink line or the ink line is shallow and scattered, with no or few oil spots

4. Water absorption

drop two drops of water on the unpainted part of the real and fake teak floors, and the drops of water on the real teak floors will not penetrate; The water drops on the fake teak floor soon penetrated

5. Sawdust

the sawdust of teak floor is very oily and feels soft when pinched by hand; The sawdust of the fake teak floor is dry and loose, with a rough feel

6. Smell

the real teak floor has a special fragrance, which can be obviously smelled when cutting, and the fragrance is comfortable; The fake teak floor is either odorless or has an unpleasant smell





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