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With the rapid economic development and the advent of the Internet era, more and more enterprises attach importance to and vigorously develop customer service, and sales has also become a powerful marketing means for enterprises. However, for enterprises, with the continuous improvement of their reputation, the number of customers and economic benefits, their existing call center architecture system has become increasingly complex, and management and maintenance has become a difficult problem for enterprises. Mainly reflected in:

1. PC power consumption is very large. A large number of computers in the call center need to work 7*24 hours without interruption. Computers and supporting facilities cause high electricity costs

the general tolerances in the table are used for dimensional tolerances without specifying tolerances

2. PC is prone to failure, resulting in heavy workload and slow maintenance speed of IT personnel, thus affecting the overall work efficiency

3. Low data security, computer viruses, hard disk damage, malicious deletion of former employees and other factors lead to the easy loss of customer information, which affects the future development of the enterprise

through centralized data storage and unified management, CBCT vdesktop desktop virtualization can prevent the loss and disclosure of key data information, greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of terminal it, effectively ensure business continuity, and achieve flexible office and energy conservation and emission reduction

the six advantages of Zhongbo Kechuang vdesktop escort the call center

simple management and maintenance

the operating system used by all terminal devices in the call center comes from a standardized operating system customized by the administrator. The application and application client software required by the business have been installed in the image, and hundreds of virtual desktops only need simple maintenance by an IT staff

enhance business continuity

customer service personnel do not visit the operating system of the local terminal, so it greatly reduces the risk of system crash or system downtime caused by virus intrusion and illegal operation of customer service personnel, and greatly improves the high availability of the business system. Even if there is a virus or machine failure in the desktop system used by customer service personnel, it administrators can restore a clean operating system with simple operations, which greatly reduces the system reinstallation time and enhances business continuity

prevent data loss and damage

all business data files on the customer service personnel terminal are uniformly stored in the data center, and are uniformly managed, regularly backed up and restored by IT personnel, so as to avoid data damage and loss caused by improper personal storage of end users

reduce the overall cost

the use of thin clients in the desktop virtualization of zhongbokechuang is one twentieth of the power consumption of traditional PCs, and 600 desktop virtualization can reduce the power cost of 150000 a year. In terms of software and hardware update, the average replacement cycle of PC is years, while the service life of thin client is about 10 years; Zhongbo Kechuang virtualization software license can be used permanently; If you need to improve the performance later, just increase the CPU and memory configuration of the server, and the thin client does not need to be replaced

ultra high compatibility

compared with other virtualization manufacturers, Zhongbo Kechuang virtualization can be compatible with the new generation of distributed cluster storage, and the performance and capacity of back-end storage can be linearly expanded. At the same time, the desktop virtualization of bokechuang, a medium-level loading base, can be compatible with other manufacturers such as VMware, Xen (ctrix), OVF, VirtualBox and other virtual machine formats. It plays an important role in improving combat power and protecting normal work in large-scale projects and industrial production

adapt to the rapid growth of the scale demand of the call center

when the new seats are online, there is no need to carry out cumbersome desktop equipment procurement, configuration, installation, debugging, transportation and other work. As long as it personnel simply configure in the web management interface, customer service personnel can use the thin client connection in the front end to work, which greatly saves the initial 4. Jinan trial tightening experiment: deployment time and energy

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