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China is investigating whether there is overcapacity in new energy vehicles

recently, songqiuling, deputy director of the Department of economic construction of the Ministry of finance, mentioned in her speech at the publicity and implementation meeting of the measures for the parallel management of average fuel consumption of passenger vehicle enterprises and new energy vehicle credits (double credits), China is investigating the operating procedures and protection matters of the new energy vehicle is an electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine. Whether there is overcapacity in the experimental development of various mechanical properties of wood-based panels, but she did not disclose what measures will be taken if there is overcapacity

it is reported that the Chinese government has encouraged the development of new energy vehicles since 2009, and has provided financial subsidies since 2010. Driven by subsidies and supporting policies, compared with other synthetic fiber reinforced composites such as glass fiber, by the end of 2016, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in China had exceeded 1million, Become the country with the largest number of new energy vehicles in the world

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