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China has a recyclable graphene diamond calciner.

it was learned on the 18th that the first recyclable graphene diamond calciner in China, which is developed by using the latest graphene heavy-duty coating new technology and metal materials, cannot be stopped in an arbitrary position. The graphene diamond calciner has been successfully developed by China's crystal new material Holding Co., Ltd., which has strong technology in the field of H3PO4 iron Li batteries. Its calcination time is 1/3 less than that of the traditional calciner in the prosperous firebrick Market, which will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of synthetic mica sheet

Dai Zhongqiu, the director of the successful research and development unit, said that synthetic mica is mainly used in cosmetics, decorative materials, new energy vehicles and other fields. At present, the traditional refractory brick calciner widely used in the world has high iron content, many impurities, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality. The post-treatment cost of the calcined synthetic mica sheet is also high. In particular, in the past, the use of refractory bricks was time-consuming and laborious, and it was difficult to treat damaged refractory bricks as solid waste, which was not in line with the current environmental protection policy of China, seriously restricting the development of synthetic mica industry. This corner: change the angle of chuck rotation. The development of graphene diamond calciner took 4 years, and a series of core problems from basic materials to design to process technology were overcome. Relevant experts from its research and development team revealed that the biggest highlight of the new graphene diamond calciner is that the calcination time is one-third less than that of the traditional refractory brick calciner. It can be discharged in 55 hours, which can not only save nearly 10000 yuan in production costs such as electricity and labor, but also achieve a 95% utilization rate of raw materials, which greatly improves the quality of synthetic mica sheets. From the experimental results of the current high-tech calciner, the synthetic mica sheet produced is free of impurities, thin and soft, which can greatly reduce the cost of post-treatment

"this achievement will break the production mode of global synthetic mica and promote the high-quality development of China's synthetic mica industry." Dai Zhongqiu, director of Zhongjing new materials, said that since its establishment, in the face of fierce market competition and rising production costs, the enterprise has adhered to the implementation of scientific and technological innovation, increased technological transformation, and constantly optimized and improved the calciner for the production of synthetic mica

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