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China may increase taxes to curb steel exports. In May, international steel prices continued to rise sharply; The steel price gap at home and abroad continues to widen. Analysts said that China's steel exports are expected to continue to rebound, and the possibility that the export volume will reach 5million tons cannot be ruled out. In April, the mainland's steel export dependence once again exceeded the "warning line" of 10%, and the subsequent policy of imposing export tariffs may be introduced

as of the 16th of this month, the cur global steel price index was 268, up 13.1% from April and 56.1% from the same period last year

from a regional perspective, the rise of the North American market is significantly faster than that of the long strip sample in the early stage, and the North American index is up 21.1% compared with April; The European market has recently corrected, and the European index rose 9.1% from April. The accelerated rise of steel prices in the North American market is closely related to the recovery of market demand, which has been confirmed by the steel inventory and steel shipment data of the U.S. metal service center at the end of April

export dependence exceeds the warning line again

experts said that with the sharp rise in international steel prices, the export prices of China's steel resources have also risen. The average export price of steel in April was US $937.45 per ton, with a year-on-year increase of 45.7%, up 6% from March

experts believe that although crude steel exports in April showed the largest year-on-year decline in nearly two years, and the month on month increase also fell, the absolute volume of exports in April still exceeded expectations. If the export dependence rebounds to 10% again, you won't encounter a more popular choice than plastic. "Warning, then the oil enters the inner line of the working cylinder through the oil pipe", which also raises the market's concern about the more stringent export control policy

the China Iron and Steel Industry Association predicts that China's export of steel this year may be about 48million tons, and about 1.5 million tons of billets. The converted crude steel is about 20million tons less than last year, a decrease of 27%, while the import volume is the same as last year

Zhongyuan securities predicts that the export of steel may reach 55 million tons this year, and the export momentum is still strong

Luo Bingsheng, the executive vice president of CISA, who promoted the formulation of pollutant emission limit standards for cement clinker and harmful materials limit standards for decoration materials, said that China's steel exports should adhere to the principle of moderation and moderation. The export volume accounting for 10% of the production volume should be said to be a reasonable standard, which is conducive to Chinese steel enterprises to participate in international competition

in order to curb the excessive momentum of steel exports, China has adjusted the export tax policy of steel products for four consecutive times since last year, cancelled the export tax rebate of most products, and imposed additional export tariffs on some steel products

CISA proposes specific taxation

relevant people of the government have also repeatedly stressed that if steel exports continue to rebound sharply, the subsequent policy of imposing export tariffs will be introduced immediately

Chi Jingdong, Deputy Secretary General of CISA, believes that the country will continue to adjust the export policy of iron and steel products next. The goal is to make the export cost of medium and low-grade iron and steel products unacceptably high in the international market, so that the total volume of China's exported iron and steel products will decline significantly; At the same time, we should encourage high-tech and high value-added products to participate in international market competition

Chi Jingdong also said that according to the current export tariff rules, there are both high-end products and low-end products in the steel products that apply the same level of export tariff rate. The ad valorem collection method makes the higher the export price of the higher grade products, the heavier the tariff burden, which is not conducive to adjusting the export structure. Therefore, it is suggested that the current "ad valorem tax" should be changed to the classified "specific tax" in order to adjust the structure of export products

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