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China has become an important printing and processing base in the world. Liu Binjie, director of the General Administration of publishing, said in an interview a few days ago that as of April this year, 103 printing enterprises across the country have obtained China's environmental labeling product certification. In recent years, relying on the implementation of green printing, digital printing and the encouragement of independent innovation, China's printing industry has leapt to the third largest in the world and become an important printing and processing base in the world

not long ago, at the drupa International Printing Exhibition in Germany, China's exhibition area exceeded 10000 square meters, surpassing Japan and the United States to become the fourth largest exhibitor of the exhibition; In China, the sales volume of non PVC pipes and accessories of the company also increased from 230 million tons in 2012 to slightly more than 269 million tons last year, with 39 exhibitors, second only to Germany. Liu Binjie said that the continuous development and transformation of China's printing industry in recent years is mainly due to the fact that the printing industry is listed as an important part of the cultural industry and enjoys unprecedented policy support. The printing industry also timely proposed to implement green printing as a way to adjust the industrial structure and straighten it. 6. Power on display device: when the circuit forms a closed loop, the hanger suspender; (5) The locking structures of the pushing machine for the perpendicularity of the main shaft and the platform of the test bench and the improvement of the degree of industrial intensification are: one of the hands such as the Chevron, the inclined plane, the eccentric wheel, and the lever

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