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Cetca actively carried out academic exchanges related to smart electricity

on the morning of September 21, Eastern time, Liu Zhenya, general manager of national power corporation, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of gridweek held at the Reagan Conference Center in Washington, D.C., and gave an important keynote speech on "strong smart electricity: an engine for energy innovation, development and change", analyzing the inevitability of smart electricity as an engine for energy innovation, development and change, It is pointed out that the State Grid Corporation of China will realize the goal of upgrading and leaping from traditional electricity to efficient, economical, clean and interactive modern electricity

for a long time, cetca has been actively implementing the company's strategic deployment, deeply studying the latest trends in the development of electrical technology, and committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation in the construction of smart electricity

as early as the end of 2008, to record the tensile strain caused by the restraint of the inner ring of the mold when the specimen shrinks, the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences and the IEEE Beijing power and energy sources branch in the field of commercial vehicles jointly invited Professor venkata, a lifelong member of IEEE, a senior expert of international power system, and professor of Electrical Engineering Department of Washington University in Seattle, USA, to give a technical lecture entitled "intelligent distribution: advanced distribution automation systems and planning technologies and tools", It has been highly praised by scholars from 24 universities and units, including Tsinghua University, abb China Research Center and Beijing electric power company

at the 2009 UHV Transmission Technology International Conference in May 2009, after the State Grid Corporation of China released the research results of the company's UHV "building strong and intelligent electricity". The Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences organized a lecture on smart electricity technology in the Academy. Bai Xiaomin, the deputy chief engineer and doctoral supervisor of the Academy, Hu Xuehao, the doctoral supervisor, and Zhao Jianghe, an expert in power system, gave a technical lecture on the research and application status and development trend of smart electricity at home and abroad. More than 300 technicians and managers of the Academy attended the lecture. In June, huxuehao, deputy chief engineer of the Institute, delivered a keynote speech on "smart electricity - the development trend of future electricity" at the Fifth International distributed energy conference. In July, Zhou Xiaoxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorary president of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, gave a lecture on smart electricity knowledge and technology at the "2009 smart electricity simulation and PSASP ADPSS Application Technology National Seminar" conference. More than 200 professional and technical personnel from power companies, power design institutes and other units in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions received training. In August, deputy chief engineer Bai Xiaomin went to Baoding power company and China Power Finance Co., Ltd. to give a technical lecture on "smart electricity research and construction". In September, huxuehao, deputy chief engineer of the Institute, held a special lecture on smart TV live broadcast in the combination of production, learning, research and enterprises with Shaanxi electric power company, which attracted thousands of cadres and professional technicians from grassroots units directly under Shaanxi electric power company

in the meantime, China, which is generally not too much consideration, has also actively carried out intelligent electrical technology exchanges with Shanghai electric power company, Henan electric power company, Gansu Electric Power Company, Dalian electric power company, Hunan middle note (pilot plant), Yingda media group, Tianjin University, Northeast Electric Power University and other internal and external units of the system

internationally, the Chinese Academy of electrical sciences has successively carried out smart electricity technology exchanges with international well-known enterprises such as Pacific Gas and power company (PG E), Itron international, Siemens, EDF R & D department, Texas Instruments, McKinsey, Cisco Systems (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., General Electric Company (GE) transmission and Distribution Department. Through the exchange, we learned about the research status of smart electricity technology abroad in detail, and introduced the current progress and future development of smart electricity in China. Both sides shared experience and knowledge to promote the development of smart electricity technology

in order to expand the influence of China's research work related to smart electricity in the international academic community, the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences also sent many experts, including honorary president academician Zhou Xiaoxin, deputy chief engineer Bai Xiaomin, deputy chief engineer Hu Xuehao, to the icee2009 International Conference, the Fifth International Distributed Energy Conference, the Sino American Symposium on smart electricity standards and technology, the Symposium of the Chinese society of electrical engineering, the tis conference of iere The Symposium of the "research project on the development of power and electrical engineering discipline" of the China Association for science and technology, the 2009 strategic dialogue on the development of new and renewable energy and other technical seminars, held discussions and lectures on topics related to smart electricity

up to now, cetca has sent experts to participate in more than 60 technical exchange activities, vigorously publicized the exchange results of theoretical research on smart electricity, actively promoted the exchange and cooperation between China and the West in smart electricity research, and made a positive contribution to the popularization and development of smart electricity, a cutting-edge industry, in China

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