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China has made groundbreaking achievements in overcoming the key technologies of diesel engine post-treatment

the Ministry of science and technology announced on July 3 that the research project on Key Technologies of diesel engine post-treatment that meet the euro VI emission standard supported by the "863" program has made groundbreaking achievements, and has developed integrated technologies and products for diesel engine exhaust pollutant post-treatment that have independent intellectual property rights and meet the euro VI emission standard, filling the domestic gap, Good social and economic benefits have been achieved

according to the research plan, on the basis of fully investigating the research on diesel engine post-treatment technology at home and abroad, and based on the research on the reaction mechanism of oxidation catalytic converter (DOC), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and soot combustion, the research group has completed the research and development of DOC, SCR and CDPF (diesel particulate filter with catalytic coating), and formed a catalyst scheme that meets the target performance, And completed the amplification production and performance verification of DOC and SCR. In terms of carrier production, through raw material screening and process optimization, the R & D of 13 inch large carrier and particle trap carrier has been partially completed, breaking the monopoly of imported products

The phased results of the project show that the function and performance of the post-processing system with independent intellectual property rights have partially caught up with or reached the level of foreign similar advanced products, filling the domestic gap and breaking the passive situation of long-term dependence on technology or product imports in this field. The research group has combined demonstration application with industrialization, made the most beneficial exploration in Asia for the promotion and application of independent innovative products, practiced the collaborative innovation mode of "production, learning, research and application", and improved China's comprehensive strength in this technology. It is understood that this achievement is in line with the national "first set" and other policies. The "first set" policy is to encourage and Rockwell hardness tester overall dimension (mm): 520 × two hundred and forty × Important policies to support high-end manufacturing and major technological equipment innovation, and promote the industrialization of high-end equipment manufacturing through subsidies, taxes and other measures

it is understood that the NOx emission limit in the euro VI emission standard is reduced to 0.46g/kwh, which is 75% lower than the Euro V limit; PM index decreased to 0.01mg/kwh, 66% lower than that of Euro v. The euro VI emission standard has been implemented for new models on January 1st, 2013. From January 1st, 2014, all new trucks and buses must be equipped with euro VI certified engines

at present, diesel vehicle exhaust has become one of the main sources of air pollution in China, and the annual consumption of domestic diesel has reached 125 million tons, and continues to increase at a rate of 5% to 6% per year. Therefore, the national requirements for vehicle exhaust emission standards and oil quality continue to improve, and strict requirements are put forward for sulfur content, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons content, cetane number, etc. in diesel oil. In foreign countries, the main characteristics of Emitec and EMC are shown in Table 1. Enterprises represented by on purification technology company and HJS company have made good achievements in the research and development of exhaust gas post-treatment technology. The bottom of the workbench is equipped with exchange servo motors and controllers, but the emission level of domestic diesel engines (especially the emission values of NOx and PM) is still far from the euro VI emission standard. Diesel quality upgrading has become one of the primary tasks of refining and chemical enterprises at present

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