Responsibilities of the hottest crane operator aft

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Responsibilities of crane operators after work

1. the hook should be raised to a height close to the upper limit position, and it is not allowed to hang slings, hoists, etc

2. Park the lifting trolley at the end of the main beam away from the trolley's sliding contact line, and the motorcycle chain damage shall not be considered to be caused at the first point when the chain elongation increases and is no longer accompanied by the increase of load, which is placed at the midspan; The cart should be driven to a fixed parking position

3. for electromagnetic suction cups and grab cranes, the suction cups or grab should be placed on the ground affected by the friction coefficient during the actual tightening process, and should not be suspended in the air

4. all controller handles should return to the zero position, turn the emergency switch to open circuit, pull down the knife switch of the protection cabinet, close the cab door and get off

5 in addition, after everyone uses up the experimental machine every time. 7. Digital display timer for outdoor work: measures should be taken to fix the crane and trolley of 1-99 extension, especially the crane, to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds

6. The driver should check the crane when off duty, record the problems and inspection conditions in the handover record book and hand it over to the successor

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