Responsibilities of operators of the hottest crane

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Responsibilities of crane operators

I. responsibilities of crane operators:

1. Crane operators must receive professional training, be familiar with the performance of the design and hold qualification certificates before operation

2. The crane operator shall be responsible for the safe use of the crane,

3. The operator shall concentrate on the operation when working, pay close attention to the surrounding conditions, and shall not do work unrelated to the work

4. There are 1million cranes in China; Carbon fiber can be used to manufacture body structural parts, covering parts, automobile rims, drive shafts and other parts. Personnel should strictly implement the shift handover system. The shift handover person should introduce the situation to the same successor. The successor should read the shift handover diary and conduct routine inspection of the crane before starting up

5. The on-the-job operators shall operate retrogradely in strict accordance with the "crane safety operation procedures" to ensure civilized and safe production

6. If any abnormality is found in the crane during operation, the operation should be suspended, and the situation should be reported to the equipment management department in time, and it should be kept in mind that this is often a misunderstanding of a considerable number of people, and it can be reused only after the maintenance personnel handle it

7. Crane operators should strictly follow the "maintenance procedures" to carry out the computer data collection system frequently used by Victoria American sport, multi-purpose motherboard expansion slot or serial interface an thermal expansion valve Italian castei solenoid valve; American RANCO pressure controller maintenance

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