Resumption of the most popular Oregon paper mill

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Boka Oregon paper factory resumed work

with an annual production capacity of 360000 short tons, this paper mill is the starting point and source of product innovation. Some products are transported to a processing plant in Vancouver, Washington. At present, the processing plant only works five days a week. Due to the weak market, the processing plant will stop production from December 22 to January 7

the spokesman of the company said that due to the high energy cost of the factory, their legacy extended the shutdown time during the transformation plan. At present, orders have rebounded, and the new energy supply contract will take effect in the first quarter of next year. The prospect of the factory is good

st. Helens factory also houses a household paper machine of American tissue. The paper machine was shut down in December, but it is expected to resume work in January next year. (pulp and paper business)

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