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The tedious recording problem can be solved with a card with its own "halo"

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but I just don't want him to feel better...

Hello, is it XX express company? I want to complain about your courier XX, who refused to deliver goods to his door and had a very bad attitude.

she complained about it for the third time this month. The previous things were wrong for me, but it's all over.

there are many centralized lists in this area, and I don't want to transfer...

leader, I apply to call out the call book with the complaining customer Check the sound

call recording, do you really understand

The little story at the beginning of

is not made up

consumers who have been at a disadvantage in safeguarding their rights for a long time in the past have gradually realized the power of [complaint] as a weapon in recent years. Therefore, good use and abuse have become a choice within everyone's reach

enterprises that have to hand over this weapon to consumers because of fierce market competition seem to be in a passive position, but if they find the right direction, they can become the biggest winners

what is this direction

let everything follow

what did your employees say? What exactly did your client say

you need and you can know

the enterprise call recording function came into being

who provides this function? How to use it? Is the cost high

three simple problems have troubled many managers

before I started writing this article, I searched the words "enterprise call recording" in real time and found some interesting things unexpectedly

Q & A on March 5 this year:

a help post and answer:

don't you really know

in fact, by opening an ordinary card, enterprises can provide full-scale dual track recording of calls between employees and customers. It can also overlay AI quality inspection, text transcription, and even big data analysis functions

this meeting is about to invite internationally renowned experts and scholars from the United States, Japan and the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, as well as heavyweight and high-level personages such as chairmen and general managers of many enterprises to attend. Isn't it amazing

cop physical card advantage no.1

no need to deploy

most of the call recording functions on the market now need to purchase and install hardware equipment, use customization, develop professional applications, and even train special personnel to upload recordings

high cost, complex operation, time-consuming and laborious

[cop physical card recording, completely different]

full dual track recording, call recording statistics,

cloud storage calls. All of these,

only need to open a card

in his opinion, CO can do more than that

cop physical card advantage no.2

depth function

with recording, do you want to monitor what your employees say at the first time

with recordings, do you want to transcribe them into words and keep them in a unified record to form a file

it just plays a guiding role. With the recording, do you want to analyze in depth your management and speaking skills based on this

if you want,

cop physical card is the best choice

cop platform AI recording quality inspection uses artificial intelligence technology to accurately transcribe the recorded content into text and retrieve it efficiently. It supports quality inspection template customization, keyword classification retrieval, artificial intelligence retrieval, and quality inspection report output

The extension rate is small

and on this basis, the cop platform can also carry out big data analysis of real business operation scenarios: through speech recognition technology, establish a label Library of various scenarios of enterprise internal business, extract effective information, and give positive feedback on business operation

it's really great. Just try it

here is the way to experience

the only channel insensitive cloud recording

if you want to experience it

sweep it

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