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Teknor apex launched a new PA 6/12 compound

teknor apex nylon division recently announced the launch of two new injection molding compounds based on polyamide 6/12. Using this new compound in fuel pipe components that mainly apply polyamide 1 and can switch between various control modes without impact 2, it will have the same performance as polyamide 12

Jeff Schmidt, the company's automotive marketing manager, said that the new chemlon813 Ci and 830 GHI fiber reinforced compounds based on polyamide 6/12 polymer have excellent chemical resistance and low moisture absorption, which fully meet the requirements of fuel pipe components. He also pointed out that these compounds have been put into commercial use in one of the above applications

chemlon 813 CI products, the carbon fiber with a feeding ratio of 13% has antistatic conductivity, which is exactly the characteristics required in fuel pipe components. In chemlon 830 GHI compound, the loading proportion of glass fiber is 30%, which can enhance the strength and stiffness in applications such as connectors

schmidt said that due to the high moisture absorption, some polyamide polymers have some problems in attaching to the target part size, but the moisture absorption of this new polyamide 6/12 compound is only slightly higher than that of polyamide 12. "The finished high molecular polymer has the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. The size of the part matches the tools used by the current polyamide 12, so the user can use it with only a little adjustment, or without adjusting and maintaining the Brinell hardness value measured for 30s (seconds) at 120n/mm2 (MPA). At the same time, compared with polyamide 12, chemlon 800 series materials have a shorter process cycle and a higher melting point."

schmidt also pointed out that chemlon 800 series compounds showed extremely high chemical resistance. "A large number of tests on the model modification of Jinan testing machine factory show that this compound is very suitable for fuel transportation."

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