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Solvay's TECHNYL for plumbing applications ® Product series

Shanghai, China, April 25, 2016 – today, Solvay engineering plastics, the global leader in polyamide based high-performance materials, announced that its full range of products, technylpa6.6 and technylexten pa6.10, for use in the plumbing industry, have been fully licensed by authoritative certification bodies for drinking water exposure, including nsf-61 (United States); Wras (UK); ACS (France); KTW and w270 (Germany)

technyl pa6.6

copper water meter shell and water meter shell made of TECHNYL a 218w 50 black fa (pa6.6)

assembled with TECHNYL a 218w 50 black fa (pa6.6)

this series of licenses makes Solvay one of the few material suppliers in the world that can provide comprehensive certification in Europe and the United States, providing strong support for customers who need to enter the European and American drinking water contact parts market. Typical end applications in this market include pumps, water meters, water separators/mixers, pipe joints, valves, boilers, filters, and other pipe components. In addition, TECHNYL pa6.6 material has also been approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration, and all TECHNYL products used in the plumbing industry meet the requirements of the European Union regulation (EU) 10/2011 amendment to avoid corrosion caused by oxidation in air and water, and can be in contact with food

"in terms of material selection, few other industries need to set strict safety and health standards like the plumbing industry, especially in products and accessories in direct contact with water. We are committed to working closely with customers to design solutions that can protect end users from potential harmful substances in drinking water systems." Wilson Cha, director of global consumer and electrical marketing of Solvay engineering plastics, said that "choosing our TECHNYL materials can significantly shorten the product design and approval time of manufacturers in the plumbing industry."

customers in the plumbing industry are increasingly looking for solutions that can help them cope with cost and performance challenges under strict water quality safety monitoring. The polyamide based TECHNYL products produced by Solvay engineering plastics make use of the company's advanced technology in metal substitution, which can provide many advantages over traditional pipe materials such as brass, copper, carbon steel and aluminum. TECHNYL products can eliminate electrochemical (6) low-carbon materials related to the above metals - making home appliances more practical, learning corrosion risks, reducing costs, and making it easier for users to comply with the increasingly stringent regulations on lead content in drinking water

in addition to fully passing the certification, with the unremitting efforts to help customers with innovative solutions, Solvay engineering plastics has also achieved another important milestone for the plumbing industry, becoming the first company to provide innovative pa6.10 materials for the industry. Solvay's TECHNYL exten (PA 6.10) material offers all the same advantages as pa6.6, as well as lower water absorption, superior dimensional stability and chlorine resistance, while maintaining excellent mechanical properties. The additional advantages of pa6.10 enable this kind of polyamide to be used in applications with more stringent requirements than standard pa6.6 materials, especially higher temperature and longer product life

Solvay can provide customers with a full range of service support from material selection, advanced design simulation to sample production performance testing. The company has invested a lot of resources to establish a special research and development laboratory, aiming to speed up the product launch and meet the continuously improving performance requirements of the global plumbing industry

during the international rubber and plastic exhibition held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (April), Solvay's 2016 materials experts will discuss industry trends with the public at booth A01 of hall N1 to show the profitability and sustainability of TECHNYL products in the plumbing industry

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