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Teknor apex launched PLA modifier

the bioplastics Business Department of teknor apex Co. has launched a transparent impact modifier Color Masterbatch for polylactic acid. The company said that the product greatly improves the impact strength and retains the transparency of polylactic acid

edwintam, the head of the new strategic plan of this customized composite manufacturer headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, said on February 22: "terraloy 90000 series color masterbatch has better toughness and can reduce the brittleness of polylactic acid", making it more suitable for "a wider range of packaging applications that require high transparency."

teknor apex said that according to the test results, adding 5% and 10% terraloy 90000 color masterbatch to the 2 mil thick casting film can make Gardner punch applicable to various parts inside the aircraft respectively; The strike strength is increased by 9 times and 16 times

terraloy 90000 Series Color Masterbatch adopts biostrength impact modifier of Arkema company and Ingeo PLA of Nature Works LLC in the formula

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