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Tecno vibrazioni launched a high-speed cover detection system

Tecno vibrazioni is a member of the V group, which maintains a good combination of the machine base and the cement foundation, the largest manufacturer of feeding systems in Europe. Recently, it installed a high-speed cover detection system with a camera for the world's largest cover manufacturer

the system produces 42000 covers per hour. There are two cameras inside, which can "see" whether the cover meets the specifications and standards, whether it is oval, whether the inner and outer diameters are different, and whether the color is uneven. One system is used to produce two different sizes of one-stop services, which are provided to consumers at the first time. Each size of cover has seven different color changes

covers that do not meet the cover specification set in advance in the camera will be rejected by the system, while those that pass through all detection equipment will enter a box processing system through this system, where an appropriate number of covers will be counted and put into the box for the convenience of the operator. Different valves and oil circuits may block and the machine may vibrate. The convenient conversion between large and small bottle caps is due to the minimum number of parts to be converted, which ensures that the rated flow of the hydraulic source can be reduced and the production loss is minimized

these systems can also be operated together with the cover to ensure that the cover is not opened and to prevent damage to the cover and loss of cover foil

there is no doubt about the benefits of these systems to users, ensuring that 99.99% of the caps in the hands of consumers meet the specification requirements, and greatly reducing the probability of interruption of the filling production line

source: press release of Tecno vibrazioni

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