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Scientific and technological waterproofing Changzhu Jiuan

scientific and technological waterproofing Changzhu Jiuan | three trees waterproofing helps the construction of 52 urban rail transit in China

April 3, 2020

rail transit planning with the subway in the city as the core is developing rapidly. The systematic construction of rail transit brings not only the extensive high-speed transmission of people flow, but also refreshes the concept of region and speed, It widens the space for the improvement of commuting accessibility within the city

as an important livelihood infrastructure construction, the subway project is a complex system engineering. In order to ensure the orderly operation of the city, the quality and safety of the subway project are rooted in every construction link. As a vital part of the underground structure system, the construction of subway waterproof engineering plays an important role in the long-term smooth operation of the subway

three trees waterproof Dayu Jiuding

rail transit waterproof engineering matrix

three trees but this is not a long-term plan. Waterproof as a service provider of scientific and technological waterproof system, adhering to the brand concept of "scientific and technological waterproof, building a long-term safety", together with its subsidiary Dayu Jiuding, which is known as the "leader of Municipal Engineering", jointly helps the construction of urban rail transit and provides customers with professional urban rail transit waterproof solutions. He has made outstanding contributions in the field of urban rail transit, especially in the engineering section of subway projects. In recent years, it has undertaken 52 subway waterproof construction projects nationwide, witnessing the development and prosperity of the city

mastering core technology to achieve extreme performance

"anti leakage" is one of the difficulties and key points of subway waterproof engineering. There are various reasons for water leakage, such as whether the structural design and selection are reasonable, the level of construction quality, the quality of waterproof materials, etc. long-term water leakage will lead to the corrosion of subway walls and internal reinforcement, cause potential safety hazards, and affect the quality of the project

aiming at the leakage problem of diversity, sankeshu waterproof and Dayu Jiuding started from products, made innovative research, developed waterproof products with extreme performance, established a comprehensive waterproof product system, and built a scientific and perfect waterproof solution for rail transit according to different regions and environments

sankeshu waterproof and Dayu Jiuding have made breakthroughs in a series of core technologies and innovative achievements in product performance, forming a complete set of product technology system with independent intellectual property rights

with the deepening of supply side structural reform, the waterproof industry is moving towards sustainable development under the background of continuous adjustment of traditional industrial structure

with the upgrading of scientific and technological revolution, there are infinite possibilities in the future. Sankeshu waterproof and Dayu Jiuding pass through the following non main tax objects: constantly explore the application of high-tech in the field of "green waterproof", build a "Invisible Great Wall" of green buildings, and empower buildings with high conductivity, reduced friction, and performance such as transparent addition and wear resistance of several experimental machines, which are introduced to you every week by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of experimental machines, Make the building better

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