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Delta Electronics and American LED lighting solutions manufacturer amerlux, LLC (hereinafter referred to as amerlux) jointly announced the completion of the contract signing on March 8. Delta Electronics (Netherlands) B.V., a 100% owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, will purchase 100% of the interests of amerlux for us $90000000 (about NT $2769300), The transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019. In addition, it agreed on an earn out agreement. If amerlux's 2019 operating revenue and EBITDA meet specific conditions, Delta will pay contingent cash in accordance with the contract

building automation business is one of the important areas of delta's strategic development in recent years. Among them, the LED lighting technology under the delta building sector, namely the LED street lamp products and industrial lamps with wired wireless intelligent control, can be intelligently controlled remotely through the cloud to achieve the use requirements of on-demand lighting and achieve the results of secondary energy conservation. Therefore, it has been successfully applied to roads, tunnels, bridges and parks (click to view the details of the case). Now, the acquisition of amerlux, a world-famous commercial lighting brand, will expand the application market of delta LED lighting technology in the commercial field, enhance the brand value of delta led, and let more people feel the control power of delta close at the same time. Moreover, under the framework of IOT, delta can provide customers with all-round and more complete smart green solutions, including led industrial and commercial lighting, building automation, energy management, safety monitoring, decentralized air conditioning, etc., and move towards sustainable intelligent buildings and cities

ZHENG Ping, executive director of delta, said: as an international corporate citizen, Delta has been committed to providing richer and diversified energy-saving solutions to help build more energy-saving, safe and comfortable buildings and cities. In the application of, lighting will provide a large number of important data to help buildings and cities become more intelligent and automated. Amerlux has excellent performance in the field of architectural lighting. After joining Delta, we will retain the original management team and employees of amerlux. The factory office in Oakland, New Jersey will continue to operate and produce indoor and outdoor lighting products. We believe that amerlux can assist delta to provide customers with more complete solutions. The integrated products and services will be of great help to customers and channel partners

Frank P. diassi, chairman and founder of amerlux, said: amerlux has been growing since its establishment. Now it is a world-class supplier of high-end commercial tools, and its products have been certified in more than 58 countries around the world. LED has experienced more than ten years of development. At present, the technology and market have become more and more mature. At first, the focus of led development was only to replace incandescent lamps to achieve energy-saving effect. At present, we focus on the quality of LED lighting with too low temperature. Now we are entering the third development stage of LED market - lamp control, which is what delta is good at, Insiders have made the following analysis on the cold and hot shock testing machine industry: first, the change in demand: on the one hand, the combination of amerlux and delta will accelerate the development of intelligent buildings and sustainable urban solutions

Chuck Campagna, President and CEO of amerlux, said: we are very happy to join Delta, which can help amerlux become a provider of the overall lighting system. After integrating the products and solutions with perfect layout in the field of building automation and energy management with the LED lamps of amerlux, by combining the strengths of both sides, we can provide customers with higher value services in the future and enhance our market positioning

amerlux, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, is a world-famous brand of commercial lighting solutions, which is favored by home appliance manufacturers for its light weight, large design freedom, low manufacturing cost and excellent performance. Its products include various innovative high-end indoor and outdoor lamps, and focus on improving lighting quality, energy efficiency and beauty. By providing customers with high-quality and differentiated lighting solutions in various application situations, amerlux has established a long-term and profound relationship with customers around the world

in recent years, Delta has actively expanded its smart green solutions through strategic acquisitions of building control companies delta controls, lloytec and security company Jingrui communication, in order to move towards sustainable intelligent buildings and cities. Amerlux's unique product portfolio, good brand reputation and solid customer relationship will help delta become a faster provider of complete building solutions

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