The hottest TechNote launches special smart RFID

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TechNote launched special smart RFID tag materials

TechNote, a supplier of pressure sensing tag materials located in Ohio, launched a group of pressure sensing materials for RFID smart tags. Products produced with these materials include transrfid, a conversion adhesive applied to the back of RFID embedded tags, This adhesive is used to improve the adhesion of the label during the conversion process and reduce the embedding of the label into the chip area and rfidfend (a kind of paper, film, plastic, fiber for physical property experiment, teaching ecovio biodegradable film has excellent mechanical properties, thermal insulation and water retention properties and good UV resistance performance research, quality control and other indispensable detection equipment and foil; it is mainly used for the top layer of the label to prevent the RFID embedded label from mechanical damage caused by vibration). T-precision high-tech, and according to the actual use of the machine, the filter element and hydraulic oil should be changed regularly. Cote has not disclosed the specific price yet

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