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Dongguan furniture enterprises are accelerating their integration into the "green supply chain"

Dongguan furniture enterprises are accelerating their integration into the "green supply chain"

May 24, 2017

[China paint information]

Dongguan furniture industry is working together with the paint industry to improve the safety and environmental protection coefficient of products. On the 23rd, the 11th China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings was held in Dongguan. On the same day, representatives of major domestic water-based paint manufacturers gathered in Dongguan. While attending the seminar, they also actively discussed cooperation with Dongguan furniture enterprises

water based paint has obvious environmental protection advantages

"in the field of home decoration and wood coatings, the use of water-based paint will effectively reduce indoor air pollution." Sunlianying, President of China Paint Industry Association, said that this seminar will further build a platform for paint enterprises and furniture enterprises to connect, exchange and promote each other, and play a positive role in promoting the green development and common progress of the whole product life cycle of the furniture industry chain

waterborne paint refers to the paint that can be dissolved or dispersed with water. The biggest "forward integration" between water-based paint and traditional oil-based paint is the key word here. The difference is that water-based paint does not need to add any curing agent and diluent, but only needs to be mixed with water, so it does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other harmful substances

the advantages of water-based paint are obvious, which makes the government's tax reduction and fee reduction policy play a greater role, but there are also problems such as high cost, relatively complex process, extended production cycle and so on. Sun Lianying said that in the next step, the China Paint Industry Association will also carry out research on water-based Wood Coatings and coating processes, break through the technical barriers of water-based coating drying process, enhance universal applicability, and strive to reduce costs

this grand meeting of the coating industry has also attracted the interest of many Dongguan furniture enterprises. A person in charge of a furniture enterprise who did not want to be named said that in recent years, environmental protection inspection has become more and more strict. He hopes to use water-based paint in more furniture production for these parts, so he will have further communication with water-based paint manufacturers at this event

promote "green manufacturing" in the furniture industry.

"health products will be a new trend in the furniture field, such as furniture for the elderly and children. These products do not pay much attention to fashion, but put forward higher requirements for health and safety." Zhang Bingbing, Secretary General of China Furniture Association, said that the cross-border integration of the coating industry and the furniture industry is imminent. At present, the furniture industry has shown the development trend of fine customization, intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce sales and green products. In this process of focusing on core technology and facing the future, the furniture industry needs to cooperate with the coating industry

in Dongguan, similar cooperation has been actively carried out. Fang Runzhong, Secretary General of China home furnishing green supply chain alliance, said in his speech that the alliance's office is located in Houjie, Dongguan, so that enterprises in furniture, paint and other industries can work together to promote the process of "green manufacturing" in the home furnishing industry

it is reported that the green supply chain alliance was jointly established in Houjie by eight associations, including China Furniture Association, China Paint Industry Association, China Forestry Industry Association and China Plastics Processing Industry Association, at the end of 2016

Zhang Bingbing said that the green supply chain alliance will allow upstream and downstream enterprises to directly supply and reduce procurement costs, and cut off the supply of unqualified raw materials for unqualified products in the intermediate field, so that enterprises with leading environmental protection and technology have a more say. This move will help to increase the cost of suppliers of fake and shoddy products and reduce the phenomenon that bad money drives out good money

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