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Dongguan has become an important research and development base of Guangdong Province. Please remove small angle tools in time.

Artificial Intelligence: Fenggang town will build an industrial highland.

now artificial intelligence has not only become a hot word, but also an industrial "upstart", and even a "sweet pastry" with various efforts

Tian'an Digital City T5, located in Fenggang town, Dongguan, is an epitome of the development of science and technology leading industries in Dongguan that still retain their original names: Nanjing analytical instrument factory, Chengdu instrument factory, Wuhan Instrument Research Institute, and cultivating new drivers of innovation and development. The project covers an area of about 400000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1.5 million square meters and a total investment of nearly 10billion yuan. Focus on the location advantages of Fenggang town and gather strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence

in the field of artificial intelligence, Tian'an Digital City T5 has also established cooperative relations with iFLYTEK, Turing robot, etc. Among them, Turing robot is committed to "making machines understand the world", and its products and services include robot open platform, robot OS and scene scheme. At present, the project has completed the display, application and interaction of Turing virtual robot in the park. In the future, it plans to carry out in-depth cooperation with Turing robot to further integrate into the operation of the park

The relevant person in charge of the park said that in the future, T5 will gather a group of high-end talents, projects and technologies in AI and other fields, form a good AI industrial ecosystem, and build Fenggang into a leading AI industrial highland in the country

in recent years, Tian'an Digital City T5 has successively established close cooperation with international innovation centers in the United States, South Korea, Israel and other countries. At the same time, it has also jointly established a more operable China Canada (Dongguan) innovation technology research institute with Canada. Relying on the talents and technological advantages of intelligent sensing of the University of Toronto and the University of laurel, it has docked with the production chain of T5 enterprises to explore the industrial incubation path of technology research and development

play with industry +: make every effort to create "cores" and grab the right to speak in the industry

in fact, as the gathering place of IC design enterprises in Dongguan, Songshan Lake has now settled in more than 50 IC design enterprises, gradually forming a ring effect of industrial agglomeration. It is understood that as the headquarters of the mainland region, Hetai semiconductor has invested a total of 60million yuan, and is the first chip enterprise with a revenue of more than 100 million yuan in Songshan Lake. On the other hand, Saiwei electronics focuses on the coulometer chips of mobile devices, with a shipment of more than 300million. Its chips are widely used in UAVs, sports bracelets and other fields. Following the development of China's first tire pressure monitoring chip with independent intellectual property rights in 2016, which broke the monopoly of international chip manufacturers, micro integrated circuit launched the first domestic open-source vehicle processor chip this year, focusing on helping to build a new ecosystem of automotive shared intelligence

in a sense, Dongguan is making every effort to build "cores" in order to make up for the weakness and weakness of domestic products in this regard, and gradually seize the corresponding industry voice

in Binhai bay new area, Ziguang group, the world's third largest chip enterprise, will invest 100billion yuan here to invest in the construction of five core modules in Dongguan, such as 5g Technology Research Institute, Ziguang cloud South China headquarters base, smart car chip R & D and application base. At that time, the chips produced in Dongguan are expected to inject "strong core needles" into many industries in China. (Ma Jun, Huang Ziwei, Zhong Honglian)

Dongguan's industry is constantly upgrading. Photo by Lu Zheng

Dongguan's industry is constantly transforming and upgrading. Lu zhengshe

after years of cultivation and accumulation, Dongguan, as a national innovation pilot city, is now not only leading in intelligence, but also becoming an important research and development base for robots in Guangdong Province, and playing with the "industry +" artificial intelligence and chip "intelligence" manufacturing fields, so as to show its due heritage and strength in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading

Smart: made in Dongguan has taken the lead

walking in the streets of domestic cities, you can see oppo and vivo, the two "blue and green brothers", the conspicuous store moves, corresponding to Huawei and glory. For every smart user, these brands may not be unfamiliar at all, and this is also a veritable "made in Dongguan". Dongguan has quietly completed the transformation and upgrading from the leader of functional machines to the intelligent overlord

how powerful is Dongguan in the field of intelligence? At the China processing trade products Expo held in Houjie in mid and late April this year, Dongguan clearly announced that last year alone, the city's intelligent output and shipment volume reached 354million and 328million respectively, of which the shipment volume accounted for 22.3% of the world. The main intelligent production enterprises in the city achieved a total main revenue of 480billion yuan last year, with an increase of more than 36% compared with the latter, which has been committed to using biomaterials for 3D printing implants. Among them, the main revenue of Huawei terminals exceeded 200 billion yuan, and Opel mobile and vivo communications entered the 100 billion yuan echelon for the first time

in overseas markets, Huawei ranks among the top five in the industry in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, while oppo accounts for 15% of the market share in Asia. Huawei, oppo and vivo, together with Xiaomi, account for 51% of the Asian market, surpassing Samsung and apple

enter the Songshanhu high tech Zone, and Huawei's South Factory is about 3 kilometers long in front of and behind the green trees. At present, the first batch of 2700 R & D personnel have settled in the 1900 Mu Huawei terminal headquarters base, and Huawei college is also in full swing. Chang'an Town, on the other hand, relies on the two brands of bubagao to build a smart Town, including the oppo R & D headquarters project and vivo production center. In the future, Dongguan is expected to further "circle powder and land" in the global smart landscape

robots: become an important R & D base in Guangdong Province

in addition to being popular in the intelligent field, Dongguan also plays a decisive role in intelligent equipment. For example, the total posterior spine system in Figure 3 of Guangdong Siwo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Songshanhu high tech Zone, its self-developed first set of equipment, the full-automatic vacuum film applicator and the full-automatic film applicator series, mainly serve the PCB and IC carrier board, solar energy and semiconductor industries, which not only solves the pain point of relying on imported equipment for the production of fine lines before, but also helps enterprises realize the unmanned production line as soon as possible, The labor cost is further reduced

Guangdong Tianji robot Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Changying and Yaskawa, which belongs to the same park, has carefully launched a small six axis industrial robot Tianji Tr8, which can be used in batches for metal shell grinding, polishing, assembly, CNC loading and unloading, etc. in terms of running speed, it is No.1 among similar products in the world

according to the Management Committee of Songshanhu high tech Zone, 300 robot enterprises have gathered in the park, including system integration, core parts and intelligent equipment enterprises, and gradually formed a certain cluster scale. The enterprise echelon is also becoming more and more complete, attracting the main forces of Zhengye technology, Shenyang machine tool and Gugao, cultivating a number of new forces such as Li Qun and Dongbo, and incubating reserve force enterprises such as Yidong and Songling. At the same time, there are also Guangdong intelligent robot research institute and Songshanhu International Robot Research Institute, as well as Professor Li Zexiang, a "bull" in the robot field, who provide intellectual support and guidance. Today, Songshan Lake is not only an important research and development base for robots in Guangdong Province, but also the third batch of national innovative industrial cluster pilots in Rongjin

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