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The wind of science and technology blows 5g artificial intelligence cloud computing to accelerate the "run"

since this round of rebound, although the plate has shown a rotating pattern, on the whole, science and technology stocks are still the core force of the market. In the past more than ten trading days, many technology stocks easily increased by more than 50%, or even doubled, and the profit-making effect rose rapidly. Some analysts pointed out that technology stocks will be the main line for some time in the future, but considering the sharp rise in some segments driven by funds, investors should not follow up. It is suggested to pay attention to the investment targets with obvious early-stage capital layout and relatively small recent increase, such as


the construction scale is expected to exceed expectations

5g is the main development direction of the new generation of information and communication technology, and it is the key to achieve high-quality development. Under the impact of the recent COVID-19, various consumption and production activities have been affected or pressured to varying degrees. 5g new infrastructure investment is expected to become an important means of national counter economic cycle adjustment, most of which are about 510 hours. (quotation 002673,) analyst Xing Kaiyun said that according to the industry research, the 5g network equipment delivery requirements of representative operator China Mobile (00941) will still be completed before the third quarter as planned. At the same time, the supply side of the communication industry is currently limited by the epidemic, and manufacturers in various regions are resuming work and accelerating production and delivery, which can meet the construction demand throughout the year. Under the requirements of hedging the downward pressure of the economy, it is expected that the investment rate of domestic 5g base station construction in 2020 will exceed expectations

Xu Yong, an analyst at Bohai Securities, pointed out that although the epidemic in the first quarter brought about a lag in 5g investment, it can be seen that in the near future, China Mobile has intensively introduced centralized procurement bidding for various communications and accessories, indicating that once the epidemic ends, domestic 5g construction will accelerate. At the same time, from a macro level, in order to hedge this year's economic downturn, domestic investment in information infrastructure is expected to increase, and 5g network construction should be the first choice. Therefore, this will further enhance the prosperity of the communication industry

from the perspective of investment opportunities, industry insiders suggest investors to focus on the leaders in various sub sectors of the 5g industrial chain. Among them, the optical communication field is recommended to continue to pay attention to (market 300308,), (market 002281,); In the field of communication equipment, attention is paid to domestic equipment leaders (market 000063,) (Hong Kong stock 00763), (market 002396,); All main businesses are 5g construction core material number (quotation 002902,); As well as the domestic test field comprehensive service leader (quotation 002819,)

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Zhongji xuchuang (300308) continues to expand production capacity

the global optical module industry is at the beginning of a new cycle. It is expected that the next two years will see a high outlook, and the industry will usher in a configuration window. As the leader of A-share and even global digital communication optical modules, the company's product structure has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of high-speed products has increased. Benefiting from the upward demand + smooth capacity expansion, internal and external resonance, it entered a period of high-speed growth. Guosheng Securities pointed out that as the core supplier of North American digital communication optical modules, the company determines production based on sales and is extremely sensitive to the needs of downstream customers. From the company's announcement on January 23 to change the purpose of part of the raised funds of the raised investment projects, we can see the strong demand of downstream customers. The company will use the unused 400million yuan raised funds for the construction of the new "400g optical communication module expansion project", which is expected to achieve an annual capacity of 500000 400g optical modules after reaching the production capacity

the growth space of Lucent Technology (002281) is opened

the company achieved a year-on-year increase of 6.46% in operating revenue in the first three quarters of 2019; In the third quarter, the operating revenue increased by 15.74% year-on-year. With the acceleration of 5g construction, the data communication market gradually warms up, the demand for optical module products of the company increases, key customers continue to make breakthroughs, and the company's performance is expected to usher in new growth. Wanlian Securities pointed out that 5g entered the first year of network construction, compared with 5g network architecture, the medium transmission part was added, which will open up the demand space for optical modules. The company has achieved full coverage of 5g optical module products in the front pass/middle pass/return link. Batch delivery of products has been achieved in the front pass link, and products in the middle return link have been promoted and verified. In addition, in the data communication market, the company has made a breakthrough in 400g multi-mode products and has the ability to deliver on a small scale, which shows that the company has opened up room for future growth

ZTE (000063) ranks in the first camp of 5g communication main equipment

the company's fixed increase landing helps financial improvement and maintain technological advantages, and the layout of 5g's whole industrial chain ensures the deterministic growth of the company's revenue. (quotation 000783,) pointed out that the global 5g scale construction was officially launched in 2020, and the rising trend of communication large-cycle investment was established. Being in the first camp of the global 5g communication main equipment, the company would benefit the most, and is expected to start a new round of growth. Domestic operators' capital expenditure may accelerate the recovery in 2020. The 5g commercial test of the company is leading the way, and the 5g pioneer strategy has achieved results. It is expected to continue the 4G domestic strong position and cut a bigger cake of 5g. The overseas market has recovered beyond expectations, and the company's growth will not be limited to domestic 5g construction. It is expected to fully benefit from the global 5g accelerated deployment wave in 2021 and in the future, and firmly optimistic about the company's global growth logic

(quotation 600498,) market share is expected to break through

as a leading enterprise in the field of transmission, the company has always maintained high-intensity R & D investment in the field of optical communication, maintaining a leading position in the field of transmission, such as transmission equipment and optical fiber and cable. At the same time, the company is also expanding into a wide range of fields resulting from the integration of servers, information technology and communication technology. (quotation 600999,) (Hong Kong stock 06099) pointed out that 5g entered the stage of full-scale construction, and the capital expenditure of operators came out of the bottom of investment in the whole year, and the overall capital expenditure increased by 5.26%. The reversal established that the capital expenditure in 2020 will continue to increase. As a traditional leading enterprise in the field of transmission equipment, the company has occupied about 15% of the market share of China Mobile carrying equipment in the 4G era. With strong product technical strength in the 5g era, the market share is expected to achieve a breakthrough, and the business performance will be greatly improved to achieve the expected repair


pay attention to companies with outstanding productization ability

after the rapid development in recent years, the domestic AI industry has gradually differentiated into upstream, middle and downstream, of which the upstream provides basic capabilities; The midstream will transform basic capabilities into artificial intelligence technology; The downstream will apply AI technology to specific industries to form productivity. Some industry insiders pointed out that the downstream scenes of AI are diverse, and the market space reaches trillion yuan. AI technology has strong versatility and can be widely used in social production and life. At present, finance, education, medical treatment, automatic driving, transportation, consumer goods and production are the main application fields. According to the new generation artificial intelligence plan of the State Council, the scale of downstream core industries will reach trillion yuan by 2030

in the view of analyst Xie Chunsheng (quotation 601688,), AI is not only technology, but also product capability: for the implementation of AI, we need to meet the four core elements of algorithm + computing power + data + scenario. However, we believe that productization capability is a more important way to realize AI technology. Because different companies have different endowments, they have different advantages in these three aspects. Some are prior to technology, some are better at products, and some are stronger than channels. From this dimension, it companies tend to be divided into technology-based companies, product-based companies, and channel based companies, and the development of new materials will be significantly accelerated. The technology-based companies mainly recommend the gradual embodiment of the productization ability of artificial intelligence (quotation 002230,). Product oriented companies pay attention to those with outstanding AI productization ability (market 002415,). In addition, it is recommended that AI be gradually implemented in the field of intelligent driving (market 002405,), and pay attention to (market 300496,)

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iFLYTEK (002230) education business has achieved large-scale

the company expects to achieve a net profit attributable to the parent company of 730-890 million yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 35%-65%. Guosheng securities expects the company's revenue to exceed 10billion yuan, and the revenue scale has entered a new milestone. In 2019, based on the world's leading artificial intelligence technology, the company continued to promote the strategy of "platform + track", and the results continued to show. In December 2019, it won the bid for the 1.6 billion yuan project of Bengbu smart school and the 800million yuan project of Qingdao artificial intelligence + education, with a total of 2.4 billion education orders, accounting for 30% of the revenue in 2018, which is 1.2 times the revenue of education business in 2018. Large orders represent a milestone in the large-scale demonstration application of the company's education business. The winning of the two bids means that the channels of education business have changed significantly

Hikvision (002415) sees many sensor products

although the company's performance in the first quarter will fluctuate due to the epidemic, in the long run, this epidemic will improve the awareness of employees' health management and information system construction, and promote enterprises to improve the degree of digitalization in the long run, which is conducive to new needs such as infrared. CICC (Hong Kong stock 03908) pointed out that Haikang micro film, a subsidiary of the company, has the mass production capacity of uncooled infrared sensors, which forms a good supplement in the market environment of the shortage of outsourced infrared sensors. We believe that this makes the company have core competitiveness in the infrared product market and is expected to quickly open the market and occupy the first mover advantage. Although the current volume of infrared business is limited, it is difficult to completely make up for the overall impact. However, we can see that the epidemic prevention and control has promoted the promotion of multi-sensor products represented by infrared thermometers to a certain extent. In the long run, many sensor products and the development opportunities brought by the digital transformation of enterprises

(quotation 002841,) business extends to intelligent hardware

the company has made intensive efforts in the market of segmented fields such as education and conference, developed remote technology solutions such as educational tablet system and conference tablet system, and has become the leader in the segmented fields. In addition to allowing traditional blackboard writing to enter the multimedia stage that is more conducive to students' understanding, the educational tablet system is more important to share educational resources through information systems, So that some areas with scarce educational resources can enjoy some high-quality educational resources. Andersen Securities pointed out that it will further extend its business to intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence and other fields. In their respective sub sectors, the company also builds its own software platform system to support developers to develop platform based third-party software applications. Considering the company's position in the sub sectors, the company's platform strategy has a very good application foundation

(market 300078,) building smart hospitals

the company is a unique smart medical integration platform solution provider in the medical IT field. Its core competitiveness lies in its forward-looking layout of three key technologies: platform data interaction, and artificial intelligence application. The company has the ability to provide comprehensive smart hospital solutions, benefiting from electronic medical records and connectivity rating, and the downstream demand boom continues to improve. Huatai Securities pointed out that the prosperity of the medical information industry has continued to improve since 2018. It is predicted that the annual electronic medical record rating will bring 30billion market space, and the interconnection rating will bring 55billion market space. At the same time, COVID-19 is expected to accelerate the construction demand of smart hospitals represented by connectivity and medical IOT. The company is expected to benefit from it and its performance is expected to improve

cloud computing

industry demand continues to be strong

overseas cloud computing giants AWS, Microsoft, Google and have all announced the fourth quarter of 2019. (quotation 600958,) (Hong Kong stock 03958) Zhang Ying, an analyst, pointed out that the revenue of cloud computing giants is an important indicator to measure the demand of the cloud computing industry. According to statistics, AWS, Google and Microsoft three companies in the fourth quarter of 2019

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