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Te connectivity's new two-way power switch solution is one of the most mini in the industry

Shanghai, China. On December 18, 2019, Tyco Electronics (TE connectivity, hereinafter referred to as TE), a global technology leader in connection and sensing that can provide services for all links in the field of steel trade, launched a new Kilovac current sensing high-voltage contactor: Kilovac kcs01, which is a compact power switch solution, It integrates current sensor and has current tripping function. This contactor is very suitable for demanding commercial electric vehicles, power distribution, energy storage and battery systems

3 also has a large difference in shrinkage. In the past five years, Kilovac products have been widely used to provide high-voltage switching functions required for aviation and defense applications. Kilovac contactors are highly specialized and suitable for various important applications with large current systems. Kcs01 connected to weidplas adopts rotating template technology, and the contactor adopts a solid and lightweight design, which further expands the function of Kilovac contactor product line. The contactor is completely sealed, and even if it is not used for a long time, it can ensure reliable performance in harsh explosive and corrosive environments

Earle alldredge, product manager of te's global aviation, defense and marine business department, said that the quality and efficiency of te's new Kilovac current sensing high voltage contactor (kcs01) have been greatly improved, with a weight of only 145 grams, making it one of the smallest 100A contactors in the industry. Its small size and simple design make its configuration very flexible, so it can be well adapted to a variety of applications

Kcs01 contactor with

100a/600vdc can be installed in most directions and has bidirectional switching function to meet various application requirements. Its integrated double coil electronic energy saver has the function of internal coil suppression, no coil radiation, and conforms to EMC standards

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