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Scientific and technological point of view: laser embroidery all-in-one machine, a new favorite of the textile machinery industry (Part 2)

in terms of structure, the innovation of this equipment is mainly reflected in: different from the traditional embroidery machine, its workbench is equipped with an embroidery frame that can do two-dimensional movement, and the supporting frame is equipped with a connecting beam. On the beam, according to the number of heads of the embroidery machine, there are single or multiple embroidery devices, laser light paths and laser cutting heads connected with the embroidery device, The laser cutting head is set next to the embroidery device. This structure also provides the necessary hardware conditions for the accurate positioning of laser cutting. The equipment has a single head and multiple heads. According to the processing needs, the maximum number of corresponding technical problems can be solved jointly is 30 heads

in terms of cutting method, first, put the main fabric and cloth pasting fabric on the laser embroidery machine for positioning, use the embroidery head to carry out flower shaped single line frame edging, and sew and connect the two layers of fabric together; The embroidery head sews and weaves the embroidery pattern according to the embroidered pattern from the starting point, and then uses the laser cutting head to cut the upper fabric along the outer edge of the single line frame line; Or first use the laser cutting head to cut the upper fabric along the outer edge of the single line frame line, and then use the embroidery head to sew and weave the embroidery drawing according to the embroidered pattern from the starting point. This processing method completely gets rid of the complexity and inefficiency of traditional technology, and truly realizes the integration of embroidery and cutting

in terms of mechanical control, in order to ensure accurate cutting of small line segments, spline curves, arcs, complex graphics and other data, and improve processing efficiency, the equipment is also equipped with a servo control system, which also ensures that the equipment runs at high speed and smoothly, while minimizing the hysteresis and instability of movement. In addition, according to the processing needs, the equipment is also equipped with continuous processing and flight processing and other control systems

in terms of processing effect, in addition to inheriting the significant advantages of laser cutting machine, such as smooth incision, unrestricted graphics, fast speed and so on, it is also worth mentioning that it also has the unique advantages of realizing automatic one-time accurate alignment, high-speed cutting along the edge, hollowing out embroidery and so on, which are not available in any other embroidery equipment, especially the hollowing process, which not only makes the embroidery more beautiful, but also has its unique effect, It will also enhance the added value of products to a certain extent

in terms of application scope, it is not only suitable for the fields of textile clothing, bedding, knitwear, etc. like the traditional embroidery machine, but also innovatively suitable for the embroidery and cutting of embroidery labels, plush toys, leather goods, fabric art and other products. In addition, in the production of lace, layered cutting and other processes that are insurmountable for manual and knife mold, the laser embroidery machine can be completed in an instant with high quality; In terms of function, when laser cutting is not required, the laser embroidery machine can be used as an embroidery machine; When the embroidery machine stops working, it can also be used as a laser machine alone to cut and carve materials, which can be described as a multi-purpose machine

for processing enterprises, the combination of two machines into one machine not only saves the time of traditional loading and unloading, but also reduces the process, More labor and cost savings (for example, using the traditional method, even using an embroidery machine and a cutting machine requires at least two skilled operators, while using a laser embroidery machine requires only one person to operate. According to this calculation, using a laser embroidery machine will save at least 50% of the labor cost; in addition, because the integrated processing improves the material utilization rate, the material cost is also significantly reduced; at the same time, because the processing is greatly saved Time and work efficiency will also be greatly improved, and it is conservatively estimated that the increase will reach more than 30%. Due to the application of new processes, the product quality will also be greatly improved compared with the traditional processing methods. In addition, in terms of power consumption, the power consumption of the laser embroidery machine is also about half lower than that of the traditional multi head laser cutting machine

however, as a representative of high-tech, laser equipment is not a simple integration after all. It is not everything with hardware advantages. "Software is king" is the key to product competitiveness. Only with the support of excellent software and the high matching of hardware and software, can products reflect their own functions and values. The all-in-one laser embroidery machine is a cross industry crystallization. Its production is based on a high understanding of the laser industry and the textile industry. It can be said that it cannot succeed without the support of rich experience and deep technical background in the industry, and without a deep grasp of customer needs and market trends. Of course, the laser embroidery machine also has excellent performance in software

first of all, in terms of format, it can support PLT, DST (Tadao embroidery software), DXF, AI, BMP and other general data formats of graphics and images, and its strong compatibility can ensure that the performance of the laser embroidery all-in-one machine, such as typesetting, can be brought into full play. Secondly, the device also has the offline function, which can be separated from the computer, copy and process graphics through the U disk, and can also connect USB cable, cable, and transfer graphics. It can not shake too much data back and forth, which not only simplifies the process with the function of cyclic loading, but also saves the cost

in typesetting, the laser embroidery all-in-one machine can carry out horizontal and vertical mirror images of any point, accurate rotation and scaling of any point, accurate movement of array and graphics, drawing, etc; On the drawing tools, set convenient tools such as points, lines, unclosed and closed polylines, unclosed and closed splines, circles, squares, ellipses, arcs, etc; At the same time, there are many humanized function keys, such as: simulation processing, simulation display, frame walking, frame drawing, laser line drawing, pause, continue, accurate feeding length setting, closing approximate length setting, etc; In addition, even after the system calls in the graphics and image data, it can also carry out simple typesetting, such as scaling, rotation, copying, offset, etc. With the conversion from color to gray graphics to hanging, scientific and technological innovation has become the key support to improve the comprehensive national strength

in addition, the device has an alarm setting beyond the working face. When importing graphics, if the material exceeds the working face, the program will automatically alarm and prompt to protect the laser head from collision during processing; The stable control system also ensures that in the process of high-speed cutting, the laser processing intensity remains unchanged and the processing depth is consistent. At the same time, the powerful data processing ability enables the data above 10m to be transferred and processed instantly. During the cutting process, the software can automatically optimize the cutting path and provide users with a variety of path optimization methods

the birth of laser embroidery machine can be said to be the result of market competition and the continuous progress of laser application technology. It not only opens a new era of laser application in textile and clothing, but also conforms to the national policy and industry development trend. Its successful application will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the upgrading of industrial structure, the optimization of production processes, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and the transformation of growth mode of the textile and garment industry

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