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Te connectivity made its debut at the 2019 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich to connect future technology with innovation. Today, March 20, 2019, te connectivity (hereinafter referred to as TE), a leading enterprise in the field of global connectivity and sensing, made its debut at the 2019 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich with the theme of connecting the future, presenting its connectivity and sensing solutions in many fields such as connected transportation, intelligent manufacturing, and connected life in an all-round way, Look forward to future science and technology with innovative technology. (TE connector booth: e; te sensor booth: e)

a magnificent connecting future mobile customer experience center on te booth is its biggest highlight at this exhibition. This exhibition is also the first stop of the 2019 te Mobile Customer Experience Center China tour. Te presents seven major trends in the mobile center, including connected life and digital health, electric vehicles and connected transportation, industry 4.0 and digital production, so that the audience can understand how te can help the development of cutting-edge technologies in the industry and create a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future

te appears at the 2019 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich

Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich is a major event for the electronics industry in the Asia Pacific region. My popularity will also be further expanded. We hope to combine this platform to show our customers te's advanced connection and sensing technology. All the solutions shown today rely on te's insight into the Chinese market, leading engineering innovation and solid manufacturing strength for more than 30 years. Mr. Lai Yongge, vice president and general manager of te connectivity in China, said that we are also constantly improving our production processes and capabilities. At the beginning of this month, we launched a new workshop for the production of terminal crimping dies in a factory in Shanghai, which can complete the whole process production of the upper and lower tools of the dies, provide customized needs for the majority of customers in the wire harness processing industry, and help them improve product stability and production efficiency. The launch of this production line once again reflects te's commitment to deeply cultivate the Chinese market and serve local customers

lead the development trend and connect the future transportation

as the transportation field moves towards the direction of electrification, intelligence, connectivity and sustainability, the connection and sensing of vehicle transportation are facing more stringent requirements. At this exhibition, te focused on the connection and sensing solutions for interconnected transportation, new energy vehicles, industrial and commercial transportation vehicles. At the same time, te also released a white paper entitled "connected future travel", sharing how te can solve the specific challenges of automotive software and hardware architecture changes and connectivity technology development in the era of powertrain revolution, autonomous driving revolution and seamless travel service

in terms of connected transportation, through holographic interactive experience, viewers can intuitively experience how the connectors, harness components, sensors and antenna technologies developed by te help create a smart life of real-time vehicle environment, vehicle vehicle and vehicle home interconnection. In addition, te exhibited excellent systems in vehicle Ethernet, coaxial connection, high-speed data transmission and antenna. When it rebounds in the reverse direction, it is widely used in vehicle network architecture, advanced infotainment system and driving active safety system. The temperature, pressure, displacement and position sensors exhibited by te also play an important role in the interconnection of cars. In the field of traditional connectors, te also highlights technical advantages such as miniaturization and lightweight to meet the more compact space requirements in the era of interconnected transportation

Mr. Li Wanxiang, vice president and general manager of te China Automotive Division, delivered a speech at the launch ceremony of connecting te mobile customer experience center in China in the future

te also brings a complete set of reliable solutions for connection, protection and management for new energy vehicles. In this exhibition, te not only showed its power battery solutions and distribution protection solutions with products, but also systematically described its solutions to the challenge of rapid charging through technical lectures: te power battery solutions provide highly integrated and reliable connection technology for battery pack and module manufacturers. The power distribution solution can integrate components related to safety connection, including high-voltage connectors, contactors, fuses and safety monitoring modules. The charging solution includes a new national standard charging interface scheme with customizable functions (temperature sensing, LED lighting, etc.). Te also exhibited motor temperature sensors, resolvers, current sensors and humidity sensors suitable for new energy vehicles

industrial and commercial transport vehicles have high requirements for connection and sensing solutions in harsh environments, and are also facing increasingly stringent environmental requirements. The urea quality liquid level sensor exhibited by te is a key component in the tail gas post-treatment system. It uses ultrasonic technology to monitor the urea concentration and the urea liquid level and temperature at the same time. It has been verified and used by many well-known engine plants around the world. In addition, there are the latest domestic high-density wire to wire connectors and sealed wire to wire connectors in the application of te wire to wire connection. These products use plastic raw materials that meet the UL94 V0 flame retardant grade, and use te high-performance composite multi-point contact terminals, which can realize accurate signal transmission in the harsh temperature and vibration environment, and their protective performance can reach ipx7/ipx8/ipx9k

helping intelligent chemical plants and connecting future manufacturing

intelligent chemical plants are a national strategy for the overall upgrading of China's industry. Automation, digitization and intelligence represent the general direction of China's manufacturing reform. Te closely follows this development trend and provides leading solutions for the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry to meet the needs of cutting-edge industries

The industrial robot connection solution of

te meets the requirements of the rapidly developing industrial robot field with high reliability, accuracy and energy efficiency. For example, the newly launched heavy-duty connector with integrated dynamic plug-in core can ensure the connection of data, signal and power supply in harsh environments, and the cable assembly cost can be reduced through the semi-automatic or fully automatic dynamic (dynamic please re tension the tensioning wheel) terminal crimping process. The connector design is compact, and a single module can contain terminals, which can meet the overvoltage demand of up to 500V, and meet the harsh environmental requirements from the robot arm to the control cabinet. In addition, te also exhibited the entrelec terminal business acquired last year. The integration of this business with te's existing product portfolio will further help te provide a complete connection system

te introduces innovative solutions to customers

te provides a full range of sensor solutions suitable for harsh and complex environments, with innovation, integration and intelligence as the three pillars to help the future development of industry intelligence. At this exhibition, te exhibited the newly launched m3200 pressure sensor specially designed for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Its compact structure, excellent vibration resistance, impact resistance, anti electromagnetic interference performance, can withstand harsh environment, a variety of configurations are optional, and can flexibly respond to different application scenarios of customers. In particular, it has two options of analog output and digital output, which can meet the increasing demand of intelligent factory applications

the development of smart factories is also inseparable from the upgrading of production tools and processes. At the exhibition, te exhibited the second generation of high-pressure crimping solutions in the field of application tools, including new high-pressure crimping machines and crimping molds. This industry-leading solution can improve the production efficiency of customers and help the intelligent management of factories

about te connectivity

te connectivity, headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading global technology and manufacturing enterprise. With annual sales of $14billion, Te is committed to creating a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future. For more than 75 years, te's connection and sensing solutions have been verified in harsh environments. 7. View, sort and print experimental data! (see the software specification for details) it continues to promote the development of transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communication and home furnishing. Te has about 80000 employees worldwide, of which more than 8000 are engineers, and its customers cover nearly 140 countries around the world. Te believes that infinite connection is in it. For more information, please visit or follow te official TE link

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