Dongfeng delivers 200 sedans to Nippon post

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"Surpass the classics and continue to be brilliant" Dongfeng delivers 200 sedan cars to Riyou

"surpass the classics and continue to be brilliant" Dongfeng delivers 200 sedan cars to Riyou

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on April 19, 2017, the delivery ceremony of "surpass the classics and start a new journey" between Dongfeng commercial vehicles and Riyou was held in Shanghai Riyou branch. In the context of the implementation of the new regulations, the delivery ceremony of major brands in the field of car transport is not uncommon. However, this delivery ceremony is of special significance to Dongfeng commercial vehicle and Nippon post, which is the witness of the stable cooperation and development of both sides for many years, and also witnessed that the quality of Dongfeng commercial vehicle has been recognized by the industry benchmark user Nippon post under the storm of new regulations

delivery of vehicle golden key

traceability cooperation "classic" under high standards

the cooperation between Dongfeng commercial vehicle and Japan post is not a fad. Tracing back to the source, the two sides had a close relationship more than ten years ago. History is a very old-fashioned but persuasive factor. During the initial joint venture between Dongfeng and Nissan, the two sides had a good understanding and relationship, and the cooperation in the new environment can be described as at first sight

in addition to the enterprise competitiveness of Dongfeng commercial vehicle itself, its products are recognized by Nippon post, which meet its operating standards in terms of vehicle lightweight, technical safety and vehicle comfort. Nippon Post Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. is one of the world's largest top 500 shipping enterprises, and the characteristics of Japanese enterprises with high standards are well known. It is under this high standard that Japan Post has continuously purchased more than 400 Dongfeng vehicles since 2010. Today, there are many 10-year-old Tianjin still working in the yard of Nippon post logistics company. It can be said that the car is a classic. The stable and mutually beneficial relationship between the two sides for many years is also a model of industry cooperation. Our experimental machines here are all examples that can be done

Dongfeng commercial vehicle products have won the recognition of Shanghai Nippon post

under the new policy, Dongfeng commercial vehicle is ready for a new journey

the Dongfeng traction sedan purchased by this next day post adopts Dongfeng Cummins isde270 50 engine, 6.7L displacement, strong power, 3500mm wheelbase, flat top cab, and can load cars. Dongfeng has classic Zhongka platform technology for more than 30 years, and has more than 820 services nationwide. (2) the zigzag experimental position of the oil cylinder down mounted universal experimental machine is relatively low, which provides guarantee for its operation

in addition to the 200 semi-trailer cars delivered to Japan mail this time, Dongfeng commercial vehicle also provided it with a mid axle car car that meets the latest gb1589 regulations. As the trump card of Dongfeng commercial vehicle, truck has the advantage of inheriting the tradition, and has one third of the national market. Dongfeng mid axle car carrier is derived from Dongfeng's most mature Tianjin platform, which has four advantages: efficient operation, economy, fuel saving, convenient modification, safety and comfort

in addition, Dongfeng commercial vehicle has its own loading plant and has strategic cooperative relations with Raul and CIMC. At present, there are three available mid axle vehicle announcements on the market: Tianjin Raul lr5182tcl, Yangzhou CIMC zjv5210tcl, Dongfeng zhengmeng eq5210tclzmv. Its chassis configuration involves two driving forms of 6*2 and 4*2, three wheelbases of 6800 to 7400mm, and two power assemblies of Cummins ISDE and Dongfeng ddi75, a total of 8 models; The modified part can meet the transportation of 7 to 9 passenger cars, and there are two schemes, paperback and stacking, to meet the differentiated use needs of different customers

activity delivery vehicles are ready to go

classics need to be surpassed. 1+n service guarantee system comes

classics need to be surpassed. In order to better meet customers' demands, Dongfeng commercial vehicle also provides a professional hosting service solution for Nippon post - 1+n service guarantee system. What are the problems that car customers often face? The distribution area is centralized, the lines are centralized, and the distribution area is wide, but the service fee standard and settlement are complex! The new service system is designed to solve this problem

the overall hosting service can ensure unified price, standard, service and settlement. Users can not only get a quick response from the service station, but also enjoy a 15% discount on genuine accessories and a 10% discount on maintenance packages. The professional team manages vehicle maintenance and repair, reduces after-sales costs, provides a wide range of services, and operates flexibly, which is a new value experience for users

1+n service guarantee system escorts Japan Post.

the hesitation of new policies and regulations gives logistics enterprises a choice. The evaluation interest rate of reserve funds for difficulties is not more than 3.5%. However, the standardization of the car transport industry is imperative. For Dongfeng commercial vehicles that touch the appearance of relevant parts of the equipment with the back of their hands, grasping the products and services and providing goods with higher quality and higher cost performance for the car transport field is the best medicine for logistics enterprises

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