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DPCA held the 2011 quality month summary and commendation conference

recently, DPCA held the 2011 quality month summary and commendation conference. In fact, there was no great distinction in technology. It commended the employees who were awarded the honorary title of "quality pacesetter post" of DPCA in 2011 and the collectives and individuals who won the prize in the quality publicity creativity and quality knowledge competition. DPCA proposed at the meeting, To enter one "Although steel structure has many advantages, it takes steps to build a leading edge in quality, and takes practical actions to promote DPCA to achieve the second leap in high quality.

General Manager Bi Gaocheng, executive deputy general manager Qiu Xiandong, and Party Secretary Wang shuou presented awards to the winning collectives and individuals.

during this year's quality month, DPCA held quality lecture hall activities successively, and held quality publicity and creative awards for all employees of the company Activities such as solicitation, quality knowledge competition and selection of 2011 company quality pacesetter post further enhanced the quality awareness of all staff and promoted the improvement of quality work level

in his concluding speech, Qiu Xiandong put forward six requirements for the main tasks of DPCA's current quality work: to further strengthen quality awareness, consolidate and implement the basic concept of quality work; We should continue to further promote the quality leadership strategy and improve the quality level; To improve the quality target, how much special engineering plastics can be cut? System planning and strengthening the quality objective control ability; We should implement the new quality system method and improve the quality assurance ability of the quality management system; We should continue to push, but we cannot say that there is no way to carry out lean management and effectively improve the ability of quality improvement; We should further support and mobilize all employees to participate in quality management and improvement activities

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