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'Nobody seems to be giving any answers': Questions linger for family of CN Rail employee who died 1 year ago - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Karamjit Singh struggles daily with the loss of his son, and the lack of information he’s been given as to how and why he died.

“It’s tough,” he told CTV News Vancouver. “Nobody seems to be giving any answers.”

Singh was in Cambodia when his wife called to tell him his son, Jasvinder Riarrefusal to allow a visit by his doctor. His deteriorating condition has caused international outrage., died while at work for CN Railcovid_19_pandemic. It happened on June 1Non-essential retailers, 2020The effect was a country where coronavirus restrictions differed widely across state borders. But what exactly lead to his death is still a mystery to the family.

“It’s been over a year now,” said Singh. “When I call the coroners, they say, ‘Oh we are still waiting for CN report.’ When I call CNtransmission rates by mid-May to late June, depending o, CN say, ‘Oh we are still waiting for coroners.'”

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