Four household Feng Shui that must be known after

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Essential points 1: sufficient lighting

Why do we need "lighting"? Every house must have lighting in order to have Yang Qi (noble Qi), which is a force of Feng Shui to help us with power, status and prestige. However, Feng Shui is neither too good nor too bad. Good feng shui residential lighting means that the light enters the house gently, but there is a shady surface in the house, so that yin and yang can be coordinated and noble and rich

if the sunlight is too strong and penetrates the whole room, it will be light evil, which will cause the people in the room to be tired of running for power, status and prestige, or lose humanity, which may cause harm, or even lose power, status and prestige. Common lighting problems of small apartment houses. Because the indoor space of small apartment houses is not large, if the lighting surface is too large, the light will fill the whole house, forming the light ghost of Feng Shui

the solution is to install curtains or do not open windows, so that the light can not enter the house as far as possible

tips for finding a house every household must choose one with light source, but the lighting surface of small family houses must not be too large. Avoid the whole wall and design it as floor to ceiling windows or open spaces (there are almost no cement compartments in the house). There are often pattern designs with glass windows on both walls, which are the so-called Feng Shui houses with light evil. In addition, you should look at the house at least once during the day and at night to confirm whether the whole house is bright during the day without any shade

essential points 2: good ventilation

why ventilation is needed? Any house must have ventilation in order to have smooth gas (wealth gas). If it belongs to mild ventilation, and the ventilation is good, it is the "accumulation of wind and gas" in Feng Shui, which has the good fortune of smooth wealth and prosperity. The gentle inflow of air and its circulation in the house can make our life smooth and unobstructed, and the opportunity to obtain wealth continues

as has been said before, the ventilation problem of common small family houses is not good whether the geomantic omen is too fast or not. If the wind and air flow are too fast and strong, and fill the whole house, it will be "wind evil", which will cause people in the house to be tired of running for money, or lose their emotional and human side, thus causing harm, and the result will naturally be no money and wealth

because the indoor space of small family houses is small, once the weather changes and the wind and air flow become stronger, it is easy to rush into the whole house and fill the whole house, forming the wind evil spirit of Feng Shui

the solution is to try not to open the window, or close the window to dissolve the wind evil

tips for finding a house: the house should be ventilated, but don't open the window when the strong wind blows in. Therefore, when selecting small family houses, in addition to confirming that there must be ventilation sources, we should also be careful not to choose houses that are easy to cause strong winds to pour into the house. When looking at the house, remember to open the window at the scene and feel the ventilation for yourself. Whether the airflow enters the house gently or directly. And walk around every corner of the house to feel whether the air flow circulates smoothly in the house, whether there is a dead corner where the air flow cannot reach, or whether the air flow in a certain direction and corner is particularly strong, which makes people feel cold and uncomfortable

Feng Shui Dictionary: what is Feng Sha

all winds that are detrimental to people can be called wind evil. Like living in a narrow lane or at the end of a long lane, the air flow is easy to produce a narrow tube effect, which makes people feel uncomfortable; Or too tall buildings, because of the lack of building arches with similar heights around, forming isolated peaks, and the wind blowing like a sharp blade, life is easy to fall into a cold situation; Or the residence with small apartment space, because the space is small, if the window is opened wide or the wind is strong, it will immediately fill the whole indoor space. These patterns can not hide the wind and gather the gas, which is bad luck in Feng Shui

essential points 3: the ceiling should be raised as high as possible

why it is important to "raise" the height of the ceiling of the house. Do not choose an unqualified lifting pattern for the sake of beauty; Or for the sake of insufficient budget, wrongly choose a housing pattern with insufficient height. Generally speaking, large family luxury houses can be about 6.5 meters high, which can not only show style, but also not too high; As for ordinary residential areas, the height standard is 2.7 meters, so people living in them will not feel oppressed

the common problem of raising the height of small apartment houses. The original area and space of small apartment houses are very small. If the height of the ceiling is not enough, the air capacity is small and the circulation is poor, which is easy to produce a sense of space oppression and make people feel uncomfortable physically and mentally

the narrow space and the blocked air flow make it impossible for people living inside to prosper, and their career development is easy to be suppressed, suppressed or forced everywhere. Even if they work hard, it is still difficult to turn around and get out of trouble

tips for finding a house small apartment houses often have low floors or deliberately "raised". The former is easy to distinguish, but the latter hides a trap. The developer sees the buyer's psychology that the height can be used as a mezzanine. As a result, the height is only 3.6 meters. After deducting the ceiling thickness of about 10 cm, the so-called small house type of 3.6 meters can only be separated from the attic or storage room. If people barely live on the top floor, they can hardly work and rest normally, and have a great sense of oppression. When buying an existing house or a second-hand house, or even renting a house, you must actually go there and feel it personally. If you buy a future house, you should confirm the height again and again to avoid errors in the future

essential point 4: internal space needs to be separated

why do you need "independent space"? In Feng Shui, the kitchen is in charge of financial management and Treasury; The room is in charge of personal fortune, marriage and peach blossom; The living room is in charge of family harmony and leadership. If the living house, kitchen, living room and room are all open spaces, the boundary between them is unclear, and the residential use is mixed, which means that the fate of each region has no pattern boundary, and it is easy to collide and drag each other

common cubicle problems in small apartment houses. Generally speaking, if it is a small apartment of 70 square meters, there should be cubicles. At least the kitchen, living room and room are independent areas. However, 40 square meters of small family houses are not necessarily. Due to space constraints, many developers emphasize the flexible use of space, that is, there is no compartment. Only a few have cubicles, because many people think that the space is small enough, and cubicles will make it smaller

tips for finding a house unless it is a mini one bedroom with a size of 30 square meters, the specific compartment is unlikely, and it can only be replaced by curtains or furniture. Otherwise, it is necessary to choose a house with compartments. At least the kitchen, dining room and room have independent pattern space, so that the Feng Shui energy of Treasury, personal fortune and leadership can play their roles independently





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