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On March 9, a good news came from the sales of road machinery of Degong Machinery Co., Ltd., and the two cold regenerators were about to be loaded and delivered to customers in North China for use

Degong Leng regeneration has made a good start in the new year. It is now in a stage of how users can accept and dare to use it. In 2015, the company formulated a series of pragmatic and efficient preferential policies to support, benefit and serve customers as much as possible when you enter the nano scale, so as to create more rotatable knurled nut high value for customers. The customer who purchased the product this time was a new customer of Degong. Recently, accompanied by the sales staff, the customer visited the company's cold regeneration production line, watched the operation demonstration of the product and test drove the prototype. During this period, the sales staff explained the company's preferential policies to the customers in detail. Through in-depth understanding of the cold recycled products and sales policies of Degong, the customers deeply felt the advantages of the products of Degong in terms of performance, service, price, etc., so as to strengthen the customers' purchase intention

in the new year, Degong will continue to do a good job in R & D, manufacturing, marketing, service and other links, and repay thousands of users with high-quality products, efficient services at morning meetings and win-win policies

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