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Recently, foreign media reported that Koenig Bauer AG of Germany and durst phototechnik AG of Italy recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement to establish a joint venture to develop corrugated board single pass digital printing machine. The first product of the joint venture will be varijet printing machine, which is expected to be released at the drupa exhibition in 2020

it is reported that at present, gaobao and Deshi have signed a letter of intent, and set up a joint venture in Germany with 50% shares respectively. It will be responsible for the development, integration, manufacturing and worldwide sales of digital printing machines for folding cartons and corrugated cardboard watermarks, as well as the distribution of supporting inks and the provision of after-sales services. At present, this cooperation agreement must be approved by merger control

durst phototechnik Ag in Italy also reduced the total consumption of primary energy for inkjet printing (including energy consumed in material manufacturing and recycling in addition to fuel consumption) by 16%, which can inspire the customer's developers, creatives and designers. It has been a technical leader in the brush field for 25 years, and has made contributions to the digital transformation in many branch fields such as ceramics, textiles and corrugated cardboard. Especially in terms of surface finishing, Deshi printing system is regarded as setting the standard for printing quality and productivity. Deshi has developed several corrugated board printers, including delta 130 printer

public information shows that this is not the first time gaobao has cooperated with manufacturers in the field of digital printing. As early as September 2014, under the influence of such friction, HP announced that it would cooperate with gaobao to develop and produce a digital printing machine for printing corrugated board, and then they jointly developed a series of products of t1190 electronic universal testing machine, which components are easy to be damaged. Gaobao cooperates with Xerox to develop varijet 106 folding carton digital printer, in which the inkjet system is provided by Xerox

in addition, gaobao also developed rota jet L and rota jet VL series industrial packaging digital printers

the alliance between German gaobao company and Italian Deshi company is expected to accelerate the digital transformation process of the global folding carton and corrugated board printing industry

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