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On march17,2008, helscher Automation Systems Co., Ltd. of Germany was accelerating its global business development process. Following the Global CEO's Conference on netx chip technology held in hattersheim, the headquarters, helscher Automation Systems Co., Ltd. of Germany held the CEO's working conference of various branches in 2008 today

Mr. hans-j ü rgenhilscher, President of the company, fixed the puncture device on the material testing machine, reviewed the business development of heyouxun in fiscal year 2007, and elaborated on the development plan of the company's technology, products and business from the next fiscal year to fiscal year 2010. At present, the new generation of industrial networking ASIC chip netx of heyouxun has achieved phased results. As of March2008, 52 of the world's famous automation manufacturers have chosen netx for the research and development of new products, covering a wide range of automation product fields, such as PLC, man-machine interface, variable frequency drive, remote i/o, optical scanner, torque sensor, etc. The senior management of heyouxun firmly believes that in the future, the types of netx chips will be more abundant, the applications of various automation products will be more flexible, and its market potential will be huge. At the same time, heyouxun has launched its own new products based on netx chips, such as various protocol conversion switches between fieldbus and real-time Ethernet, various communication boards based on industrial computer motherboards, various embedded communication modules, real-time Ethernet protocol analysis and diagnosis equipment, netx chip development and debugging equipment, etc. we have combined our business with the global trend

in order to ensure the reliable quality of new products, heyouxun company has also invested a lot of money to introduce optical detector (AOI) and flyingprobetester, and plans to further expand the production scale and office space of the headquarters

at the meeting, CEOs of heyouxun branches from China and the United States, also known as small size effect countries, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and France, respectively summarized the business development status in fiscal year 2007 and the plan for the new fiscal year. They exchanged their experiences and achieved good results, which made a good start for heyouxun in fiscal year 2008

(Germany heyouxun 4, Jinan Shijin electronic universal testing machine, one of the most important and characteristic mechanical properties of elastic materials, contributed by Shanghai Representative Office of Automation System Co., Ltd.)

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