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Infiana, a German film expert, has established a cooperative relationship with AkzoNobel, a paint expert. Infiana, a German film expert, has established a cooperative relationship with AkzoNobel, a paint expert. September 20, 2017. The focus of this exclusive partnership will be the stripping membrane technology "flexplas" and its application in the production of composite materials in the wind power industry

the cooperation between infiana, a professional manufacturer of thin film materials, and AkzoNobel, a professional manufacturer of coatings, aims to qualitatively improve the surface texture of wind turbine blades in the process of production and computer connection. "Markus stieglbauer, global business manager of AkzoNobel's industrial coatings, said: at present, our product test results show that it has exceeded the average test results of other products in the current market. In the production of blade components, the combination of coating and film can achieve performance optimization in the production process. Soheila Salehi Schneider, project leader of flexiplas of infiana company, explained: "This not only improves the surface quality of the blade, but also reduces the process cost, as well as the impact on the environment. It eliminates the complex grinding and filling processes required to activate the part surface, and further optimizes the coating weight.

infiana has significantly optimized the prepreg production process by replacing silicified paper with stripping liners. This is particularly true in the extensive and complex manufacturing processes in the aerospace and wind power industries It has practical significance. The stripper liner not only replaces the silicified paper, but also replaces the polyethylene stripper liner that often winds in the manufacturing process and affects the measurement accuracy. The whole manufacturing process of release liner is accompanied by prepreg technology as a two in one solution

the mutual cooperation between the two companies makes the product also have a point where the speed, torque and power can be adjusted steplessly: due to the smooth and uniform structure of the film, the low resin coating weight can be used in light composite materials and other applications. In addition, the use of film can reduce the cleaning force, because there is no need to remove paper scraps. This advantage allows production costs to be reduced by at least 25 percent

significantly reduce production time

in wind turbine manufacturing, process paint and finish paint are applied to turbine blades as durable protection for blades and for optical reasons. The application of these paints is a complex process. First, all release agents must be removed from the cured components by cleaning, grinding and filling before applying other paints. These coatings are then applied to a series of layers. At the same time, the mold must be cleaned to apply the next part. The advantage of the new technology is that the gel coating is directly applied to the flexplas stripping film. After being deeply drawn in the mold, the coating can be cured with the parts in one process step. Soheila Salehi Schneider added: "the advantages of the new technology are very obvious: the relevant process time can be reduced by about 60%. When the product with coating defects was introduced to the United States in August this year, the overall risk was significantly reduced, the process became more environmentally friendly, and the workplace safety was also increased

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