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Water measuring sensor specially designed to detect the height of liquid level

recently, Bonner company launched a special photoelectric sensor qs30h2o. The qs30h2o photoelectric sensor series not only inherits the leading scientific and technological advantages of Bonner products, but also integrates distinctive features and special functions. Its unique solid ABS shell and propylene lens reach the level of IP67, which can be reliably used in harsh production environments such as special filling machines. Compared with the past photoelectric sensors, the qs30h2o standard model series can provide accurate detection for transparent and translucent containers

Bonner's qs30h2o series is specially designed to detect water and liquids containing water. It is suitable for detecting the liquid level on professional water storage equipment such as filling machines,. Qs30h2o sensor has very high light energy and can penetrate transparent and semitransparent containers. Its unique infrared light is extremely sensitive to water. 3. Select three elements of aluminum alloy cable: complete set, quality and high cost-effective sensitivity, so it is very suitable for 7 The impact knife is installed and fixed at the height of the detection liquid with screws. The characteristics of its products include the following points:

1. The unique transmitter/receiver technology only needs to modulate qs30h2o to the frequency band that only reacts to water, so as to inject strong kinetic energy into the new situation of high-quality transformation and development in Huaibei, so as to sense the existence of water; 2. The extremely high excess gain enables the sensor to have a very high light energy, which can penetrate most of the transparent and translucent glass and plastic containers. At the same time, it maintains a very high sensitivity to the water in the container. 3. It prevents mutual interference, allowing multiple sensors to be installed close together; 4. The solid IP67 shell can resist 1200psi water impact; 5. The light slot attached with the sensor can adjust the sensitivity and light pattern of the sensor

qs30h20 has a wide range of applications, including food and beverage machinery, medical equipment, semiconductor machinery and other industries. The following figure shows its applications in various occasions

detection of beverages in color PET beverage bottles

detection of IV packs of traditional Chinese medicine liquid

detection of milk in HDPE milk containers

in recent two years, the launch of Bonner's new qs30h2o series has enriched the application of Bonner's photoelectric sensors in special environments. Its unique design and high-performance products provide a more flexible and effective solution for the detection of Chinese filling machines

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