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There are many problems in xihuating community due to insufficient water pressure and street lights.

residents privately occupy public land and pile up debris.

"residents on the first floor privately occupy public green space; residents on the fifth and sixth floors have no water in their homes; some residents have ground collapse and some pipelines break and run water; although there are many open spaces in the community, there are piles of garbage. We have too many problems in xihuating community, and we don't know who can help us manage them." Recently, many residents of xihuating community have reported that there are many problems in the community. Unfortunately, the community has no property company services, and the owners' committee does not have enough power and funds to help residents solve problems. I hope the relevant departments can help you solve practical problems

xihuating community is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of West 2nd Ring Expressway and Ordos West Street. It is a multi-storey building. Walking to the door of the community, I found that although the door has an access control system, it is open and vehicles can enter and leave at will. The guard of the community told him that he would quarrel every day when he opened the access control, Plus access control "Extending the shelf life of food also means reducing the damage of food waste system. There is no money to repair the access control. Now we can only open the access control and allow vehicles to enter and leave at will.

when we enter the community, we see that the pavement of the main Road and the sidewalks on both sides of the community is seriously damaged, and some sidewalks have become dirt roads, so vehicles park on the sidewalks at will, and there are vehicles parked in the green belt. A lot of trees and grass have been damaged, and every street lamp pole on the sidewalk They are all crooked. Residents in the community told that these street lights had long been broken and did not light at all. The street lamp can't be illuminated, and the street lamp pole is crooked, which affects parking. It's better to remove it earlier

during the visit, it was found that there was a courtyard in front of the residents' window on the first floor of each household in the community, and the area of each courtyard varied. According to the interview, the community originally did not plan small courtyards for the residents on the first floor, which were privately enclosed by them. Seeing these small courtyards, some have planted flowers and plants, some have planted vegetables, and some have become places for stacking debris

there are many open spaces in the community, but there is no planned parking space, but debris, waste materials and engineering materials are piled up, with wind and dust flying all over the sky

Ms. Quan, a resident on the first floor of building 10, learned that she had come to interview and took her to her home. As soon as she entered the house, she pointed to the floor of the kitchen and said that in the past two years, problems began to appear in the family, including wall cracks, ground collapses and underground pipe blockage. They had to tear down the broken wall, fill in part of the collapsed ground, and relocate the sewage pipe on the first floor. Ms. Quan took her to the west wall of her home, and saw that one side of the west wall was connected with a pipe more than 10 meters long, and the other end of the pipe was exposed on a vacant lot in front of the building. Ms. Quan said that now the domestic sewage and toilet sewage from the first floor to the sixth floor of their unit are discharged from this pipe to the open space, causing her family to dare not open the window at all, and residents on other floors nearby cannot open the window. Sewage and urine are discharged into the open space. The environment is extremely bad, and the smell is really bad. Flies and mosquitoes fly all over the sky when the weather is hot, but there is no solution

the owner representative of xihuating community told that there were many problems in the community, and the main problem in the recent year was environmental sanitation. There is no property company in the community, and only one cleaner is employed to transfer domestic garbage. After too long-term development, even so, many residents are still unwilling to pay the secondary transfer fee of domestic garbage. The water pressure in the community is insufficient. Residents on the fifth and sixth floors have no water in their homes. Some residents have installed secondary pressurization equipment to pump the water from the toilet tank of others' homes into the tap water pipe, and the tap water flowing out is blue. Many first floor residents' homes have broken pipes and serious water leakage. Private occupation of public areas in residential areas is also common

Mr. Shen, the director of the community owner committee, told that xihuating community established the owner committee in 2018 with the help of the youban town government property office, but the owner committee has limited power and no funds. There is no overhaul fund in the community. Many residents have problems at home but can't find developers, so they can only repair by themselves. The owners' committee wants to hire a property company to manage the community, but it is difficult to charge property fees. They reported to many departments in the Hui District that the signal was stopped by the processor, but there is no solution until today

helped the owner committee of xihuating community contact the municipal residential community environmental order administration. The staff said that they would assist the owner committee of xihuating community to introduce a property company as soon as possible and rectify the problems existing in xihuating community as soon as possible

(Xu Daming)

(original title: insufficient water pressure, pavement damage, street lamps do not light, debris accumulation, xihuating community has many problems)

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