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Can the water quality detector also be printed in 3D? This scientific research team has a big brain hole

how to ensure the safety of drinking water and how to monitor the safety of water quality in real time may be the most concerned problem in the world. Recently, in order to better answer various questions raised by users, the scientific research team of the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus in Canada has overcome this problem, and developed a water quality detector with the help of 3D printing technology to detect the quality of drinking water

it is understood that the research and development team is personally led by Professor minahoorfar, Dean of the school of engineering, University of British Columbia. The 3D printing water quality detector developed can monitor the water source in any water area in real time, so as to reduce the threat of water-borne diseases such as Escherichia coli infection to human health

"at present, water quality monitoring can only be carried out by regular manual detection, so the test results are subject to the sampling frequency, and there is a great deal of disease." we are interested in not only using carbon nanotube yarn to develop the possibility of high-strength composite outbreak. Because the traditional water quality monitoring detectors are extremely expensive and unstable, they cannot be deployed in the whole water area in real time for detection. " According to Professor minahoorfar, "The water quality monitor developed with 3D printing technology can not only monitor in real time, but also greatly reduce the production cost.

"Therefore, the research and development of this 3D printing water quality detector is of great significance for solving the existing detection methods that require manual periodic detection but cannot be monitored in real time in the future water quality measurement.

the water quality detector can also be 3D printed? This scientific research team has a big brain.

it is reported that the whole production process of 3D printing water quality detector is completed in the high tech thermal fluid Laboratory of the University of British Columbia The detector is designed for wireless operation mode, and can read water quality information under any water pressure and temperature. In addition, each detector can work independently, which can ensure that any detector in the water is easy to disperse and mix problems without affecting the normal work of other detectors

in addition, compared with the traditional timing sampling method, the continuity of the current 3D printing water quality detector greatly improves the level of water quality safety monitoring. And because of its simple manufacture and small size, this detector can be installed not only in open waters, but also in domestic water systems, so as to improve the safe quality of life in all aspects

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