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Domestic brands seek technological breakthroughs in the rapid growth of water purification market

according to the latest statistical data of Chinese household appliances, the penetration rate of household water purifiers in the United States, Europe and other countries has reached 70%, while the penetration rate of water purifiers in China is still less than 10%, even in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the penetration rate is not more than 15%. All industry research data show that the domestic water purifier market has broad prospects and will become a new force in the home appliance industry in the future. Water purifiers will become daily household appliances of ordinary people like televisions and refrigerators

in recent years, people's awareness of water purification has been continuously enhanced. The domestic water purifier market has opened a channel of rapid growth, and the entire water purifier market has expanded 10 times in just seven years

ordinary household water purifiers popular in the market can be divided into reverse osmosis and other filtration according to the water purification principle. The reverse osmosis membrane has the highest precision, which can not only filter out almost all harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, organic matter and heavy metals, but also filter out ionic substances. The water filtered through the reverse osmosis membrane is recognized as the best and safest water. Other filtration technologies are divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration according to filtration accuracy, among which ultrafiltration is the most common in the market

it is undeniable that in China's water purification industry, reverse osmosis membrane is the best water filtration effect and the core component of water purifier. However, at present, most domestic water purification brands are still mainly imported, and few people master international level R & D technology

as the core component of water purifier, the importance of filter element is self-evident. Without a good filter element, a cup of healthy water is impossible. In the water purifier market, different water purifier equipment adopts different filter elements, and the water purification effect is also different

"for a long time, China's water purification membrane technology, like chips, has been monopolized by foreign enterprises." Wang Xiaomao, an associate professor of the Institute of drinking water safety, School of environment, Tsinghua University, said that according to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 6000 domestic water purifier brands in China, while few people master reverse osmosis membrane technology. The common solution is that the quality of most heat sealing directly affects the quality of the interior. Large brands and high-end water purifiers use imported membranes, carbon fibers and their composites mainly made of Dow films. The use of analytical materials in aerospace and aviation, the introduction of foreign reverse osmosis membrane production lines with strong strength to reduce costs, while those with poor strength can only rely on foreign imports, resulting in high costs and serious product homogenization, Under the technical constraints, the development of the enterprise is also limited by the position of 2 or 2 chucks, which should ensure that the axis of the experimental sample coincides with the axis of change

in the third and fourth tier cities and rural areas, some low-end brands mixed with good and evil people can only use backward water purification technology and sell them to consumers after packaging. These water purifier products are not only difficult to ensure the water purification effect, but also disrupt the market, resulting in the overall mistrust of the industry

in order to achieve a breakthrough in technology, domestic strong head kitchen electric enterprises, including angel, Qinyuan, Haier, fontai and so on, have been trying to innovate and break the foreign monopoly. Recently, angel also released the long-term reverse osmosis membrane technology that took three years to develop. Wang Xiaomao said that the main machine of this set of device is connected by the upper beam, the moving beam and the workbench through columns and ball screws to form a rigid floor frame structure. This long-term reverse osmosis membrane adopts the methods of longitudinal water flow and turbulent water inflow, which makes the water flow speed faster, and the scouring speed is five times higher than that of the ordinary reverse osmosis membrane. Under the rapid scouring of the water flow, all kinds of impurities, foreign matters, viruses and bacteria in the water are not easy to deposit on the membrane surface, The anti fouling ability is greatly enhanced

disease prevention and control expert e Xueli also pointed out that in this special stage of modern times, from the perspective of daily drinking water, everyone hopes that the water they drink is hygienic and safe. For this reason, enterprises need to start from the needs of consumers, from safe drinking water to healthy water. Only with sufficient pure water and purified water can consumers feel at ease at any time

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