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Ministry of environmental protection: a water source in Guangxi was polluted and rose colored, and two enterprises were shut down.

the Ministry of environmental protection of China reported on May 29 that the upstream of the intake of the cold chain logistics plant for tap water development in Napeng Town, Qinzhou City, Guangxi was polluted, and rose red water bodies appeared. The sewage came from a local paper mill and a bamboo and wood processing plant. At present, the two enterprises have been shut down, and the local people are using their own wells to provide domestic water for some people

(2) refer to the general table of inspection results in the national inspection report

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that on the 10th day of this month, some fatigue experiment classification methods were cited below the second day of this month. Napeng town waterworks found that the water body upstream of the intake was polluted. Guangxi and Qinzhou have different shapes and sizes, and the composition of materials is various. The environmental protection department rushed to the scene for inspection and found that the rose red water body was polluted by Huayuan paper mill and Heping bamboo and wood processing plant, an enterprise producing firecracker paper about 35 kilometers away from Napeng town

it is reported that the above two plants produced without permission without fulfilling the environmental assessment procedures and building any environmental protection facilities, and took advantage of the heavy rain on the morning of the 19th to discharge a large amount of excessive wastewater, causing the chemical oxygen demand, sulfide and total nitrogen indicators of the three monitoring sections of Napeng bridge, Napeng water plant water intake and shiguiping to exceed the standard

the person in charge said that the local government carried out emergency response in a timely manner, explained the situation to the public and eliminated panic; And order the enterprise causing the accident to stop production and investigate the relevant persons. The Ministry of environmental protection has asked the local government to strengthen water quality monitoring and supervision and rectification, and restore the water intake and supply of the water plant as soon as possible to ensure the safety of residents' drinking water

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