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Hydropower workers found management loopholes and led the team to steal cables crazily, involving nearly one million

a young hydro electrician in Tongling found HP's new 3D open materials at work and took advantage of loopholes in the management of some construction sites and communities in covallis, Oregon. He unexpectedly realized the "way to get rich" and gathered three gangs to steal cables crazily. After the first theft was successful, it was out of control. It was stolen five or six times in the same high-end community, extending the thief's hand to all corners of the city, and then radiating the "business" to the surrounding Wuhu City and Chizhou City. On November 26, after careful investigation and careful deployment, the first brigade of the criminal police detachment of Tongling Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a large series of cable theft cases by killing all four members of the theft gang

hundreds of thousands of cables were stolen

in January this year, a property alarm in a community in Tongling City said that a large number of cables were stolen in the community. It is understood that two coils of copper core cables have been placed in the underground garage of the community. In the morning, the property management staff found that one coil of cables had been stolen, and the other coil had been stolen, leaving only a small half. The stolen cables were worth more than 330000 yuan

the case was serious, and the first brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment rushed to the scene immediately to carry out a detailed investigation, and at the same time to carry out investigation and visits. According to the investigation and interview, these two coils of cables were stored here last year, and no one has paid attention to them. Therefore, no one knows when they were stolen and how many times they were stolen. At the same time, the staff of the Engineering Department of the community reported that there had been a number of cases of theft of cables in use in buildings in the community

DNA locking suspect

after combing, the investigators found that for some time, Tongling City had a high incidence of cable theft cases, and each stolen cable was of great value. The means of committing the crime and the time of the crime were very similar. It was judged that the crime should be committed by a gang, and it might be the same gang. Therefore, these cable theft cases were investigated together

due to the large number of stolen cables in each case, criminal gangs should have crime vehicles. Therefore, according to the judgment, the investigators handled the case in multiple ways, one way through the transfer of surveillance videos from the crime scene and the surrounding areas to investigate the crime vehicles, and the other way through detailed on-site investigation to find traces of physical evidence. Through careful comparison, the technicians tested the DNA of the same person in the biological samples investigated at the scene of cable theft in a community in Shun'an and a company in lion mountain, which confirmed the investigators' judgment. With the support of evidence, the investigators, with the support of the technical department, successfully identified Mr. Chen as suspected of committing a crime. At the same time, through the investigation of on-site surveillance video, investigators found that a black Great Wall SUV appeared near the scene of many cases, but because the monitoring was not clear enough, they failed to capture the clear picture of the vehicle number plate

the investigator then made an intelligence study of Mr. Chen and found that there happened to be an SUV under his name, which was the same model and color as the suspected vehicle. Investigators analyzed the trajectory of Mr. Chen's vehicle and found that the vehicle moved frequently at night and appeared at the scene of many cases. Mr. Chen was highly suspected. On the evening of November 26, investigators rushed to Chen's home and summoned him to the public security organ for investigation

hydropower workers led the team to steal crazily

after Mr. Chen came to the case, the investigators analyzed Mr. Chen's related people at the same time. With the support of technical means, gang members Mr. Yao, Mr. Li and Mr. Zhao surfaced to realize the experiment of simple beam and cantilever beam. With the strong cooperation of Donglian police station of Yi'an public security branch, Li was arrested at his home. Because Mr. Li, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Yao are fellow townsmen and classmates, and their homes are not far away, after Mr. Li was arrested, Mr. Yao and Mr. Zhao, who heard the news, immediately rushed to Mr. Chen's home and wanted to talk to Mr. Chen about escaping. They didn't know that Mr. Chen had already arrived at the case, and their whereabouts were already in the hands of the investigators. As soon as they arrived downstairs at Chen's house, they were captured by investigators and the police of Wusong police station

through the trial, the four people truthfully confessed the criminal facts of stealing cables for many times. At the beginning of his operation and experiment method is a differentiated step-by-step investigation. Chen, 29, is a water electrician. Li, 26, is also a water electrician. The two met while working together on the construction site. Chen met his classmates Yao and Zhao through Li. In contracting hydropower projects, Mr. Chen found many uninhabited residential areas and office buildings that had not been decorated, and the property management was very lax. Cable theft cases often occurred, and no one found them for a long time, so he came up with the idea of stealing cables to sell money. The four people hit it off at the suggestion of Chen. From the second half of last year to October this year, there have been many cases of cable theft in Tongling, Wuhu, Chizhou and other places, which can measure and record the materials in the characteristic impact process curve in real time, involving a value of nearly one million yuan

at present, Mr. Chen, Mr. Li, Mr. Yao and Mr. Zhao have been criminally detained according to law, and the case is under further investigation

(original title: Tongling Yishui electrician found management loopholes and led the team to steal cables madly, involving nearly one million funds)

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