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Water based platform (China) 2011 spring Academic Salon was successfully held

on May 19, 2011, Guangzhou - a non-profit organization in the coating industry - water based platform (China) held the "water based platform (China) 2011 spring Academic Salon" in Guangzhou. Nearly 30 industry experts and scholars from world-renowned coating manufacturers, Guangdong coating industry association, Guangdong Furniture Industry Association, Guangdong furniture manufacturers and relevant government departments participated in the seminar, and jointly discussed the progress measures and "sustainable development" of China's wood coating industry in environmental protection, labor health, furniture wood coating and other aspects, With a view to promoting the sustainable development of China's coating industry

at the beginning of the salon, Mr. peizhonghua, chairman of the water platform (China), delivered a welcome speech, followed by a brief introduction to the achievements of the water platform in the past three years since its establishment and the future direction of efforts, and actively communicated with the participants. Then, the participants were divided into two groups to discuss the industrial transfer of labor-intensive enterprises such as China's wood furniture industry in Guangdong Province and the progressive measures and sustainable development of China's wood coating industry in environmental protection, labor health, furniture wood coating and other aspects

at present, China's water-based coatings are mainly used in the field of wood furniture paint. Representatives of government functional departments participating in the Academic Salon shared their views and opinions on the development status of China's wood furniture, and analyzed the positive role of government policies in the furniture industry in promoting the development of the industry, as well as the impact of norms and guidance; In the salon discussion, many enterprise representatives said that with the rise of labor costs, the test environment in which driverless cars cannot accept signals in the tunnel, raw material prices and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations are imitated. Furniture enterprises, like many other labor-intensive enterprises, are facing the problem of market transformation from export to domestic sales; Industry association representatives analyzed the role of industry associations in industry regional transfer and industrial upgrading with regard to the development trend of labor-intensive enterprise regional transfer faced by furniture enterprises; Mainly NCM (nickel cobalt manganese ternary material) 111, 523 and 622. On the sustainable development of China's wood coating industry in terms of environmental protection and human health, representatives of various industries and enterprises, industry associations and relevant government departments expressed their views and discussed enthusiastically, and summarized the development trend of China's coating industry

in recent years, the harm of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in coatings to the environment and human body has attracted increasing attention. Compared with traditional solvent based coatings, water-based coatings can greatly reduce the emission of VOC and effectively reduce the impact on the environment. Moreover, the shrinkage rate is still large due to the early solidification of the gate. Today, the market demand has changed, and the requirements for environmental protection, high quality and harmless health of furniture coatings are becoming higher and higher. The green product attribute of water-based coatings not only meets the market demand, but also greatly reduces the potential incidence of occupational diseases. Moreover, with the continuous improvement and innovation of technology and production formula, China's water-based coatings must have a green future. At present, the water-based platform (China) has a total of 25 members, composed of different types of enterprises in the coating industry chain, including raw material production enterprises, coating production enterprises, adhesive manufacturers and Changzhou coating Chemical Industry Research Institute, an authoritative research institution in the industry. We believe that green and environment-friendly processes and materials will be the future development direction of the world. As a joint organization of the coating industry, water-based platform (China) is committed to accelerating the transformation of domestic industrial coatings, adhesives, inks and other markets from traditional solvent based products to water-based products through sincere cooperation and joint efforts throughout the industry, and is committed to promoting the development of the industry towards a more environmentally friendly and efficient direction. Water based platform (China) is looking forward to more enterprises with a sense of society to join in and jointly promote the development of China's environmental protection coating industry

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