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Yixun cloud contact center solution

the cloud service of Yixun contact center refers to the contact center cloud service based on the core of the contact center - SIP soft switch and CTI platform. Joint service providers (business), operators (operators) and contact center application providers jointly provide end users with multi-channel contact center services

cloud service architecture of Yixun contact center:

"Lu Jun said ● IAAs layer: cooperate with operators to provide customer storage, hardware, servers, network components and other infrastructure

● PAAS layer: Based on SIP technology and integration with cloud desktop, provide customer operating system and related platform services through the network without downloading or installing

● SaaS layer: cooperate with various application service providers, Provide customers with necessary application software through the network

3. Select the objective lens multiple to be used

cloud service characteristics of Yixun contact center:

● stable system: adopt world-class brand, realize multi tenant management, and ensure that users will not affect each other

● flexible configuration: according to the actual situation of customers, through configuration development, Provide personalized characteristic services

a year-on-year decrease of about 11.36 PCT

● cross channel unified interaction: it can support unified access and management of multiple channels such as email, SMS, webcall, webchat, Weibo, video, etc.

● PPU (pay per use) service concept: that is, pay on demand mode, just like using tap water, Billing according to your traffic

● strong product integration capability: it integrates multi brand business software, including Microsoft CRM, Siebel, salesforce, etc., to provide various customers with their own contact center platform

contact center cloud service operation mode

● support service provider/multi tenant model

● virtualization architecture, Save hardware investment

● modular capacity expansion and high flexibility

● support pay per use

● a targeted tool for a new low expansion superalloy with intermetallic 'phase (ni3alti) as the strengthened phase

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