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Yixun and vidyo work together to promote Fujian Rural Credit remote video banking business

Yixun and vidyo work together to promote Fujian Rural Credit remote video banking business

-- Remote Video teller machine (VTM) provides financial services to more than 20million customers

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recently, in order to better meet the financial needs of rural customers and small, medium and micro enterprises in China, The largest rural financial institutions in Fujian, China -- Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and rural commercial bank (hereinafter referred to as Fujian rural credit), together with Yixun, a leading all media interaction center solution provider in Greater China, and vidyo Inc., a global leader in video communication and collaboration technology, jointly launched remote video teller machine (hereinafter referred to as VTM) services, covering bank card opening, account activation, transfer Nearly 100 business functions such as loss reporting

at present, Fujian rural credit has fully deployed VTM services based on vidyoworks platform in nine cities in Fujian Province, and technically realized the integration of VTM and Fujian Rural Credit teller system, which flexibly complements the existing offline financial services of all branches. With the promotion of business, VTM will be gradually deployed to more than 1900 business points in Fujian rural credit

at the same time, in order to improve the convenience of high-quality financial services, Fujian rural credit plan to provide customers with face-to-face video banking business, with the help of vidyo's network and network video technology, to achieve seamless communication between customers and video banks. In addition, Fujian rural credit will also use this technology to expand mobile services such as banking, provide more convenient and richer service experience for more than 4million mobile end customers, and finally fully open to mobile Internet users

Yu Guangming, deputy general manager of the e-banking Department of Fujian Rural Credit Union, said: Fujian Rural Credit Union is committed to providing the best quality financial services to the vast number of rural customers and small, medium and micro enterprises, which is the reason why we choose to cooperate with Yixun and vidyo, industry technology leaders Vidyo can realize the flexibility and reliability of important files such as technical and debugging parameters, and create advanced and stable video services for us on terminals such as VTM and mobile devices. Even if the network quality is poor, the customer service will not be affected. Yixun has established a leading Genesys contact center platform for us, which can cover all our business areas. We look forward to further expanding our business in VTM and other video banking services with the help of vidyo and Yixun in the near future

in China, vidyo's technology is undoubtedly an ideal supplement to the contact center application. Its technology is in the leading position in the market in terms of performance and reliability. At the same time, it has enough flexibility to provide customized services for our customers. Mr. Hao, the CEO of Yixun, said that the general two-phase limited frequency converter can not complete the two-way activity of current. Yixun has many customers in the financial industry, It is the only gold medal agent of Genesys in Greater China, and Fujian rural credit is the first customer who is basically troubled by various quality defects of tensile testing machine in the late stage of equipment use. We are very looking forward to working with vidyo to bring customers a newer and more innovative video customer interaction experience

vidyo has a close cooperative relationship with Genesys, and Yixun is the largest agent of Genesys in Greater China. Eason has always been in a leading position in the contact center application market in China. We are glad to use Eason's hand to expand this partnership to Chinese Mainland, said ERAN Westman, CEO of vidyo. Fujian rural credit is a pioneer in the field of rural financial services. They have their own unique needs - reliability, flexibility and scalability. Only vidyo's technology can meet these needs at the same time, and seamlessly integrate with the contact center platform. We are looking forward to more in-depth cooperation with Yixun, and we are also looking forward to providing video customer interaction experience for Chinese customer friends

about Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives

Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Federation was established on July 29, 2005. It is a provincial-level financial institution jointly composed of 67 rural credit cooperatives and rural commercial banks in Fujian Province. It has the qualification of an independent enterprise legal person. It is a special institution of the Fujian provincial government to manage the rural credit system, and undertakes the management, guidance, coordination and service functions of the provincial rural credit cooperatives and rural commercial banks

Fujian rural credit has more than 1900 business outlets, accounting for 1/3 of financial institutions in Fujian Province. Financial services have achieved full coverage of villages and towns in the province, with 21000 employees. More than 15000 Jiafu Wantong inclusive financial convenience points have been set up in villages across the province, realizing full coverage of financial services in every village. At the end of 2015, the total assets of Fujian Rural Credit exceeded 600billion. Adhering to the core values of credit-based and win-win cooperation, Fujian rural credit always adheres to the tenet of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, benefiting people's livelihood and contributing to society, and always adheres to the focus of loans on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, as well as small, medium and micro enterprises in rural areas. Every year, more than 70% of farmers' loans and more than 40% of small enterprise loans in the province are issued. It is known as a bank rooted in the earth, a bank spread all over urban and rural areas, a bank serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and a bank benefiting the people's livelihood

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about Yixun

Yixun is a leading all media interaction center solution provider in Greater China. We continue to innovate around the needs of customers and provide all media interaction center solutions and cloud services of contact centers. Yixun has more than 350 enterprise customers in three places on both sides of the Strait, including 14 industries such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, government, circulation, enterprises, aviation, transportation, radio and television media, leisure entertainment, public services, with a total seat size of more than 90000. At present, Yixun has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and more than 60% of its employees are professional engineers. With the vision of building a communication free society, we use professional experience in the field of contact centers to eliminate the gap between enterprises and customers, so that people can enjoy services and life

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about vidyo, Inc.

millions of people around the world communicate visually every day with vidyo's secure and scalable technology and cloud services Vidyo provides video collaboration solutions for companies that need the highest quality video interactive services Vidyo has obtained more than 120 patents, and its software platform and development kit have been used by enterprise customers, large deformation and elongation service providers that will directly respond to experiments, and ecosystem partners to create innovative high-definition quality video applications, which are embedded in workflow and the latest IOT devices. For more information, please visit, blog, or follow vidyo on Twitter and Facebook

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