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Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. won the order for the control system of Australia's largest thermal power plant

Torrens island power plant is located in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. announced that its Australian branch has won a contract to replace the control and instrumentation system for part B of Torrens island power plant. At present, the power plant is operated by AGL Energy Co., Ltd. The contract is estimated to be about $28million

torrens island power plant is located in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It consists of part a and Part B. part a includes four 120mW generating units, and part B includes four 200MW Generating units. The total power generation capacity of the whole power plant is 1280mw. It is the largest natural gas thermal power plant in Australia, and the natural gas burned by the power plant is supplied by Victoria and Cooper basin oil and gas fields

AGL company is carrying out a plan to replace the control and instrument system for the turbines and boilers of the four generator units in part B and some plant utilities. The upgrading of the first two generator sets is expected to be completed in 2010, aiming to enhance the operational performance of the plant and ensure continuous and reliable supply

in this upgrade project, Yokogawa electric provided AGL with CENTUM VP integrated production control system, ProSafe -rs safety instrument system, exaquantum 8482; Factory information management system and other software packages to 2. Maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source and various transmitters including dpharp ejx series differential pressure transmitters. The scope of the project includes the detailed design, engineering, instrument supply, delivery test, installation, commissioning and performance test of the control and instrument system

agl company highly appraised the expert opinions of Yokogawa electric machinery Australia branch and its successful experience in the same project, so it decided to take Yokogawa electric machinery as the preferred supplier in this control and instrument system upgrade project. AGL looks forward to establishing a continuous partnership with Yokogawa electric

taking the opportunity of this order from AGL, Yokogawa Electric has achieved success in a series of major power plant upgrading projects in Australia, including eraring power plant (4 generator sets x 660 MW), Northern Power Plant (2 generator sets x 260 MW), loy Yang power plant (4 generator sets x 500 MW), and Liddell power plant (4 generator sets x 500 MW)

about AGL

AGL is a leading integrated energy company in Australia, and is striving to create a sustainable energy future for its investors, communities and customers. AGL has a history of 170 years, mainly engaged in energy retail business, power generation assets and upstream natural gas portfolio. AGL has the largest energy retail and dual fuel customer base in Australia

agl company has a variety of power generation combinations, including basic, peak and intermediate power plants in other cases. It has traditional thermal power generation, and also uses renewable energy power generation. For example, hydropower is mainly led by national scientific research institutions to carry out relevant subject research, wind power generation, biogas power generation and biomass power generation. AGL will further consolidate its position as the largest private owner and operator of renewable energy assets in Australia by exploring the development opportunities of low emission renewable energy power generation

about Yokogawa

Yokogawa electric company has 19 manufacturing plants and 89 companies, and its business covers 32 countries and regions around the world. Since its establishment in 1915, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, with an annual turnover of US $4billion, has been committed to the research and innovation of cutting-edge technology, with a total of 7500 inventions and registered products, including the world's first digital sensor for flow and pressure measurement. The company develops its core businesses around the world, including industrial automation and control, testing and measurement, information systems and industrial support

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