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Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. recently announced the launch of its latest multi-channel, high-capacity portable paperless recorder mv1000/mv2000. The paperless recorder integrates display, recording and communication functions, and is portable and easy to carry. It is suitable for recording, displaying and managing temperature, voltage, current, flow, pressure and other signals in frequently moving sites; It can meet the increasingly urgent requirements of the industry on how to develop data recording and super large storage capacity for multi-project measurement and multi-channel tensile testing machines. It is a reliable tool for users to improve production efficiency

Yokogawa Electric has always enjoyed a high reputation in the recorder market. The newly launched mv1000/mv2000 is the company's third generation portable paperless recorder. Compared with the previous generation products mv100/mv200, it strengthens the network communication function, and reduces the mass by 10%. At the same time, the convenience of operation, the number of channels and storage capacity have been significantly improved, so it has become an ideal choice for high-performance and high reliability testing in the development departments of Electronics, household appliances, automobiles, semiconductors and new energy industries, as well as universities and public research institutions, and even more fields. The new product was launched on December 1st, 2007

product performance and characteristics:

◆ the profile at the bottom of the multi input battery shell is stable and meets the safety requirements. The maximum allowable number of input channels is about 2 times higher than that of the previous generation products. The mv1000 can input 24 channels at most, and the mv2000 can input 48 channels at most; If combined with Yokogawa Electric's data collector "daqmaster series" and other external units, the maximum 348 channel expansion can be achieved; Its supporting software can well correspond to multi item measurement

◆ long time recording

has high reliability to ensure long-time storage. The maximum freezing point is 200m bytes of memory with low capacity, which is about 170 times higher than that of the previous generation of Yokogawa motor relying on its own continuous efforts. It can record at a speed of 12ch/s and save continuous data with a cycle of about 70 days, greatly improving the efficiency of recording work

◆ excellent operability

even if there is no manual, the user can quickly set the operation according to the instructions on the screen and then measure it. The measured data can be saved to the external storage media in the form of text. The measured data can also be directly saved to the personal computer through special software. The software can automatically process the data and make charts or reports, which greatly improves the development efficiency

◆ high performance large-scale display

large TFT color LCD with wide viewing angle and high resolution is used. The display size of mv1000 is 5.5 inches and that of mv2000 is 10.4 inches

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