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Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the launch of sencom platform products

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the launch of a new sencom platform series products on August 16 for digital measurement of pH and ORP. Yokogawa electric currently has a series of high-quality ph/orp solution products, including flxa21 two-wire *ph/orp transmitter to realize the scope development of the new material industry. The newly released products will also become a part of this series of products. With the release of sencom platform products, Yokogawa Electric will bring pH and ORP measurement into the digital era

sencom platform includes sencom module, fu20f ph/orp sencom sensor, sencom cable and sps24 sencom PC software. After installing sencom module in flxa21 transmitter, it will have strong digital signal processing ability, which can meet the needs of combining with the new sencom sensor

similar to the previous generation of products, fu20f ph/orp sencom sensor is also a general-purpose sensor with a very wide range of applications. The fu20f can store digital data and can be calibrated using sps24 sencom PC software and/or flxa21. By using these sencom platform products, users can reduce the workload of on-site maintenance, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs

development background

liquid analyzers are used in petroleum, petrochemical, steel, electric power, water supply and sewage treatment industries to control the quality of raw materials and products, monitor the reaction state, and manage the sewage treatment process. The solution of some properties may damage or pollute the sensor in the analyzer, which will adversely affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the sensor regularly. In the past, it was necessary to bring the standard calibration solution to the site and then calibrate it in combination with the converter. Otherwise, it will affect the tension value, and operation in the field environment may be dangerous, and because calibration will interrupt the measurement, users need to work in a safe place with high energy conservation and environmental protection efficiency, and hope to reduce the time of measurement interruption

product characteristics

better working environment/shorter measurement interruption time

fu20f ph/orp sencom sensor can process digital signals and store digital information including calibration data. Using sps24 PC software or flxa21 transmitter, these sensors can be calibrated offline in a laboratory with the best working environment. In addition, taking out the fu20f and replacing it with a field calibrated sensor can greatly reduce the measurement interruption time

fast and efficient calibration

using sps24 software, up to four sencom sensors can be calibrated at the same time, significantly shortening the calibration time

efficient data management

sps24 software has a comprehensive database that can store data from up to 100 sencom sensors. Therefore, maintenance personnel do not need to go to the site to obtain the data stored in the converter, but also can identify when to maintain and/or replace the sensor, so as to achieve predictive maintenance

about sencom

the word sencom comes from sensors with communication, which aims to emphasize the data storage capacity of these sensors. In order to improve the maintenance efficiency of whether there is a fuse break in the electrical control cabinet of user 2 and reduce costs, Yokogawa electric group and its subsidiary Yokogawa electric (Europe) Co., Ltd. (headquartered in the Netherlands) jointly developed sencom platform products

after the launch of the first sensor fu20f of sencom platform this time, Yokogawa Electric will continue to add products supporting four wire liquid analyzers, expand sencom series products and broaden the measurement range

masatoshi Nakahara, senior vice president of IA platform business department, believes that in order to improve the quality and production efficiency of user factories, it is critical to improve factory facilities, and it is also very important to ensure that measuring instruments are in the best state and achieve long-term stable operation. The newly developed digital sencom sensor will help users improve maintenance efficiency and reduce costs. As part of the philosophy of vigilantplant, Yokogawa Electric will continue to develop and provide solutions to help users realize their ideal factory

main target market

petroleum, petrochemical, steel, power, water supply and sewage treatment and other process industries


- water quality monitoring of sewage treatment system and neutralization water system

- concentration management of liquid medicine injection system

* the two-wire system supplies power and transmits signals through a pair of cables, reducing wiring costs

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