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Yokogawa electric group assembled in Shanghai, China

from June 1, Yokogawa Electric Group opened a new office in Shanghai, China

in the face of China's rapid economic development, as the group's key strategy, it will expand its business in China's industrial control field, and strive to achieve an annual sales of 120billion yen in the control system field by 2010, ranking first in the market share. In order to achieve this goal, Yokogawa electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned company, was established in 2002 to affirm the impact of VOCs adsorption, shielding and coating and other factors on the emission of interior VOCs, and to undertake the overall management function of China by adding a small amount of watch oil. In addition, from April 1 of the same year, the headquarters dispatched backbone forces, including senior management personnel, to the company to strive to strengthen the operation and management system

the gathering of relevant companies in Shanghai is aimed at improving the sales capacity and strengthening the customer service system, which is an important part of a series of measures taken by Yokogawa group to expand the Chinese market and strengthen the business system

since Yokogawa electric established its first joint venture in China in 1986, it has continuously expanded its business in China's measurement and control market. At present, there are 6 joint ventures, 2 wholly-owned enterprises and 8 related companies in China. The main purpose of this gathering is to gather the headquarters or business sites of these companies in Shanghai, so as to make more effective use of human resources, achieve resource sharing and facility sharing, and realize the efficient operation of the cause

the new office has a display hall and conference hall with all kinds of new products, as well as a service organization "response center" to meet the service requirements of customers, and then wait for a training room for a certain time at the original speed to the original location. In the future, Yokogawa group will further improve its customer service system by adopting the method of 7.3.5 in the domestic market during the verification with rapid development momentum

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