The hottest yogurt packaging is loyal to lianbei

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Yogurt packaging is loyal to lianbei

international trend of yogurt product development

from a worldwide perspective, yogurt is the fastest-growing dairy product. The research and development of new materials in Europe is a trend in the manufacturing industry. Europe is the base for the development of new yogurt products. About 7% of the new dairy products are all kinds of yogurt every year, and nearly 1000 new yogurt products come out every year

the product development of yogurt has the following common trends:

nutrition enhanced and functional yogurt, such as adding beneficial bacteria, increasing calcium, reducing cholesterol, increasing cellulose, beauty and weight loss yogurt, etc

colorful children's yogurt. Adopt children's favorite flavors and packaging, such as multi flavor cup and stick packaging. Yogurt is combined with a variety of fruit ingredients, such as layered filling, cup packaging, etc

the combination of yogurt and various puffed foods (or chocolate coated puffed foods) and various dried fruits

develop novel and unique packaging technology and equipment

the diversified demand for yogurt has promoted the development of packaging technology, and the progress of packaging technology has driven the development of yogurt in the new composite ink products we studied. In the coming years, plastic cup packaging will still be the main way of yogurt packaging

the development characteristics of the domestic yogurt Market

has developed rapidly, and the production and sales have increased by 40% per year in the past two to three years

the development potential is huge. Insiders predict that the next five years will still be a period of great development of yogurt

due to the introduction of advanced production technology and packaging equipment, and even the direct transplantation of mature yogurt products, the gap between yogurt production technology and packaging and the foreign advanced level has been rapidly narrowed. Some unique packaging forms, such as cup packaging, small capacity plastic cup packaging, stick packaging, are selected by industry leading enterprises and welcomed by consumers

yogurt packaging is mainly plastic cups, and major milk companies attach great importance to the introduction of high-quality and novel packaging equipment. For example, Beijing Sanyuan company introduced haisiya Zimu cup yogurt packaging production line (two cups are combined together, large cup for yogurt, small cup for fruit granules or puffed food. Shanghai Guangming is the key of the experimental machine. It enters the circular labeling cup packaging machine and small Guangming children's cup of hisia, etc.

the popular trend of yogurt packaging

several new types of yogurt packaging began to be introduced into the Chinese market from German hisia company, leading the current popular trend of Chinese yogurt Market to a certain extent. For example, Shanghai Guangming Ming, Beijing Sanyuan and other companies took the lead in adopting the child mother yogurt packaging, which cleverly combines yogurt with fruit or yogurt with puffs; Shanghai Guangming's multi flavor color cup type children's yogurt packaging. The stick packaging children's yogurt of Weiwei group can realize the filling of yogurt with various flavors at the same time

prediction of the popular trend of China's Yogurt Market in the coming years

according to the prediction of industry experts, in the coming years, the following new yogurt packaging forms will become the leading trend in the Chinese market:

the mother and child type double cup production crystals include pure yogurt + fruit, pure yogurt + expanded dry materials, fruit yogurt + expanded materials coated with chocolate, etc., and its typical filling capacity is 150g +25g: 175g, or 135g +15g: 150g, The production range is cup/hour

children's stick packaging can realize the simultaneous filling of various flavors, with a filling capacity of 40 ~ 50g. The outside can be decorated with cartons or plastic outer packaging. The branch is a box or bag, and the output range is branch//hour

this is a very popular new packaging method for children's food in Europe and America. It can not only be used to package yogurt, but also widely used in other convenient foods and beverages, such as concentrated fruit juice and coffee, which interfere with and even destroy the universal experimental machine

children's cup · it is in the form of 6-Cup color cup or 6-Cup with ring label, which can realize the filling of three different flavors at the same time. The basic capacity is g/cup, and the output range is cup/hour. The bright little bright yogurt cup is an example of packaging

multi flavor cup packaging can fill and label products with different flavors at the same time. The labeling method is side labeling or ring labeling, and the output range is cup/hour

the combined cup and layered filling is a transparent cup type, which is filled in two or more layers, and can be filled with various fruits and yogurt respectively

in short, the last two years will be an important turning point in China's yogurt production, not only the increase in yogurt production, but also the variety and packaging form of yogurt products will reach a new level

for large dairy enterprises, the investment decisions during this period will have an important impact on the yogurt product structure and market share in the coming years

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