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Yokogawa electric extended energy management to the enterprise field

established a global partnership with green koncepts to provide a cloud based integrated IOT solution for real-time monitoring and analysis of buildings and facilities

Yokogawa electric announced the launch of a cloud based solution to provide centralized management of energy and environment for enterprises. By signing a global cooperation agreement with Singapore IOT energy management company green koncepts, the solution was successfully developed

at present, construction operations account for nearly 30% of the world's final energy consumption, accounting for more than a quarter of energy related carbon dioxide emissions. Various signs show that building energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions will continue to rise, and many countries have made the implementation of energy efficiency strategies a high priority in their energy policies. By providing this new enterprise energy management solution, Yokogawa will meet the urgent needs of customers, reduce energy costs and improve facility management efficiency

Yokogawa electric currently provides a series of products and services to help customers reduce and optimize energy consumption in manufacturing and production facilities. The new solution extends the company's energy management capabilities from industrial facilities to the enterprise as a whole, and can be used in buildings such as data centers and offices. In addition to making up for the gap in the field of high-end profiled copper strips in China and managing the energy consumption of public utilities, the solution also provides lighting, air quality and residential management functions

low hardness transition materials such as aluminum and copper can also be added between the jaw and the sample. The new enterprise solution connects sensors, meters, controllers, building management systems and others through an interoperability framework. 3 Users can inquire about relevant technical problems through after-sales phone. Polycarbonate materials and equipment are used. Cloud based solutions summarize and analyze all energy related data, help energy managers identify facilities and processes with poor performance, and monitor the continuous improvement process of performance

enterprise energy management solutions

Yukihiro funyu, executive officer of Yokogawa electric and head of digital strategy headquarters and DX platform center of digital business headquarters, said: the cooperation with green koncepts enables Yokogawa electric to provide enterprise energy optimization solutions based on IOT for building and facility management. It provides real-time monitoring and AI driven data analysis, which is in line with our goal of digital transformation, that is, unconnected objects

Mr. Kenneth Lee, the founder and CEO of green koncepts, said: this cooperation provides Yokogawa's global enterprise customers with a powerful and innovative IOT platform to realize intelligent facilities and sustainable management, and help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation. Green koncepts' cloud IOT platform provides plug and play integration with sensors and controllers. We make data collection simple and economical by reducing complexity, saving building operating costs, and improving productivity and operational efficiency

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